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Well DC is cracking down on any area now where people are not following social distancing guidelines including at locations deemed essential such as food markets the city shut down the fisherman's wharf seafood markets over the weekend after the mayor says it got too crowded visitors to the fishermen more seafood market were met with closure sign Sunday after mayor Muriel Bowser says they were left with no other choice but to close it we had to close that market because the social distancing requirements weren't being met in the tweets Jesse Taylor seafood wrote it will reopen April seventh quote we tried really hard to maintain order at the wharf by putting lines down six feet apart and having security ask patrons not to crowd as the order but it didn't work browse our says she'll continue to close businesses that don't comply with social distancing Meghan clarity WTOP news to people at a halfway house in southeast DC have now died from the corona virus and there's a call now for more to stop it from spreading at that facility believes has lost two residents in the past four days to corona virus and in an effort to see changes made at the facility congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton sent a letter to the director of the federal bureau of prisons asking for the release of men they believe are ready to return home she added quote I ask that you immediately investigate the conditions at hope village and I renew my urgent call that the B. O. P. do an unannounced visit to the facility as soon as possible Norton has also asked for a response from the bureau by Wednesday Melissa Howell WTOP news Maryland's governor is taking steps to stop the spread.

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