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In boston thirty four degrees and mostly sunny we'll see clouds mix again throughout the day highs into the mid forties good morning i'm deb lawler top stories now berkley massachusetts man is arrested on fantino trafficking charges police say he had enough of the deadly synthetic drug to cost several thousand drug overdoses some pre courtroom drama at the bill cosby retrial in pennsylvania a topless protestor was arrested after she jumped over a barricade and charged cosby police quickly stopped her and president trump is tweeting about trade this morning saying chinese tariffs for us cars are much higher than us terrorists for chinese vehicles in other news in germany people in the town of munster held a joint memorial service at the city's famous polish cathedral in honor the victims of saturday's deadly crash authorities say the german man who drove into a crowd was well known to police two people were killed twenty others were injured the driver shot and killed himself inside the van north korean officials say kim jong un is ready to discuss getting rid of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula during his upcoming meeting with president trump it is the first direct confirmation from pyongyang about the proposed talks since he invitation was extended via south korean intermediaries last month the boston city council is holding a public hearing tomorrow over one of the largest hospital mergers to ever come to massachusetts thirteen hospitals are involved in the proposed deal which would result in the merging of beth israel deaconess medical center hospitals the lahey health system new england baptist mount auburn.

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