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Think we would sits in front of a spanish couple one of the benefits direct this fall night is that it's one of those stunts more members of the public to come along and they would just they would loving they were laughing especially these moments where twist sokaia is the story of a woman called petra taking been autists placement the famous artist and i won't go any further than that because hopefully if this film comes out in the uk just from worth seeing as clean as possible but that's that's petra and the other film we saw yesterday together straight after recording with grams or grins grins maybe the homeland to you pronounce swedish film aaliyah bassey is the director translated as border border yes elliott bac directed it's and he he made it feel close shelly that's i saw it belene film festival a few years ago which was sort of a demonic possession birth story told with a bunch of nordic hipsters living out in the forest and this is sort of his take on traumatology based on short story by john vita link fist who wrote s lead right one in and it's sort of similar that this dark romance using updated versions of ancient nordic mythology following this to the border guard main coming to who has never felt quite writes in society and she's wearing this how'd you describe how she looks david sort of this prosthetic makeup with a large brow and nose and there's not quite rightness about her about her face and it's like i mean she feels that she's ugly and she's lights of evan ugly duckling society but this discoveries she makes during the film she finds out why she is like she is i mean one thing that sets reply and is the reason why she's a border gotta she has this incredible sense of smell she she smell emotions on people so she can smell if someone's guilty and manages to catch people as they're going pass just smelling them which her colleagues don't seem to mind they're actually quite happy that she's able to do this and i guess the story starts when.

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