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Yeah welcome back Ben Shapiro says so left is busily going insane over the fact that president trump's without a meme created by the daily wire team that showed him giving a fake metal two very good doggie that help take down Abu Bakar al Baghdadi there is a deeper pointer is that what the media are doing keep doing this is they are broadening the scope of what they now consider quote unquote disinformation anything they don't like any joke any meme any piece of funny satire they now take series like million Delia specifically for the command labeled the outlook that promotes that content as somehow as some help dealing in misinformation and lies right this is their thing they do that as I said he did it to that one day they've done it to alley sucky overtly Stevie and other doing it with regard to an obvious name with a dog receiving the medal of honor and this has real world ramifications because what the left is doing is they're making a very simple argument has very large real world ramifications this is just gonna be outlined stupid case point okay but what's left is attempting to do is they're tempting to say that this information has a radically skew the way that the American public views information that the government needs to step in and stop people from exercising the first amendment we had an article like this by Richard Spangler Richard spangle Spangler over former time magazine editor and Obama administration state department official main article like that from him in the Washington post just two days ago right it did that happen just a couple days ago and now you have the media pressuring Facebook and Twitter to shut down free dissemination of speech in the name of shutting down this information is what they do is they keep writing the definition of this information can come as anything they don't like to have an article in The Washington Post by Charlie wires now claiming that right part should not be included in Facebook news feed why because that's misinformation or distant how do we know that well you can check Snopes facts check them all the time it doesn't matter this joke also fact checks selectively only right wing outlets and half the time the Serbs after to wrong that doesn't matter I'm old enough to remember when there was a very famous case from New York times versus someone it was all about the rights of the media to print material is all about slander and libel and the standards for printing material publicly and your times on the right side of that fight is about broadening the first amendment now they now that you've been so what you see is this vast pushed by the by the last to go after right wing outlets and say that they are in fact take news you should be banned because they're disseminating this information or to go after Donald trump's political campaign is it trumps belittle campaign should not be allowed to post ads because if they post ads the ads might contain information that left finds to be false or twisted because it's called a campaign ad the real agenda is shut down all the speech I don't like shut down the one quarter he speech I don't like shut down the political speech that I feel like it's misinformation sure it may be factually correct but it but it's it's just it's couched the wrong way coming up the goal of left here is pretty obvious they want to shut down dissemination information the first step get rid of all the political ads get rid of political advertising you don't be core stop at the heart of the first amendment get rid of it that's to the left.

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