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Welcome back to the rich Eisen show of you from the cheap seats podcast. Check it out. I'm gonna be on next week. We'll be our guest drops. Next Friday. Richard Simmons. On recently Richardson, we had him on a while ago and then we replayed it just because the guy he's about to say, disappeared, right under the control is under the control of his made apparent. That's what that's what I'm okay Schwarzenegger by the way. So. Say, so the Brady bunch. Funny. All right. And you're backing in Arbor headlining the Ann Arbor, comedy showcase Thursday through Saturday, September twenty, three, twenty second. That's the weekend. They play who Nebraska, Nebraska. Okay. That's a big one. Scott frost is going to surprise people this year. A Scott frost is a terrific coach. We've seen what he did it at UCF. He's coming home, they, I think Nebraska fans are viewing him in the same way that Michigan fans reviewing Jim Harbaugh on years. The only guy that could come in and knows the program that everyone can rally around fan base and believe that there's some good times ahead. We've done some stuff in Omaha and and been around Nebraska fans than they're proud. You know, you gotta live up to the the behemoth that it was Tom Osborne, but they love their football program and they wanna bring it back to prominence. Now, Wisconsin kind of has a stranglehold on the west. There's no way anybody's gonna unseat them. Now. But in a couple years, it could be different. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the same Scott frost was the quarterback for Auburn. I mean, horrible is a quarterback for both. Exactly. And so I, I mean, there's a lot of through LAN right there, similar story, and this is the year for her to really make the Mark. I feel like everybody, Michigan inside and outside of Michigan is like, this is it. You gotta do it this year, and then your Saint Louis Nebraska connection is is Kurt Warner. Sunkei is a walk on there. Is he really, he scored in the spring? Did he really did he go Kate Warner as a bag, groceries like his dad did and then boom, he'll make it. Yeah, I think that's I'll get a job and groceries, you know, on an interesting suggestion for him to try his next time, you see, Kurt Warner your son ship bag groceries like you did. I'm sure he would appreciate that paper plastic. That's canco plastic anymore. Give me your own. That's what people say. Now what you bring your own NPR tote bags, or are you hearing from people saying that you're not allowed to criticize state? Yes. We're hearing that you're not allowed to criticize the process. You're not allowed to criticize Ohio State hearing urban Meyer. Didn't do anything wrong personally. So we lied to the media. Who cares? I am. We're hearing most of that from Zeki lily. It's dad. Yeah, that's weird. He has just texting us. You don't need that. But as Michigan fans, I think people big thing that people say is you as Michigan fans wanna, see, urban, get taken down your sad that he that he wasn't fired and Michigan fans to a person that we've talked to don't feel that way. No, they feel like if he goes out, then we're going to get. And if we win this year by some Luke fickle, the last time you can be fickle filled into a victory. You wanna get pickled right victory is a hollow win. It's a slightly. They've got all the town, the world, Ohio State, and urban gonna come back after three games that don't matter at all. Why wouldn't you hold on game really because he's coaching all week during the other. The only worse the worse thing than getting filled would be getting Xiang. You don't wanna get Xiang definitely date. That's that's who they would be. That's they went with. They would get dead. You would get day, but we'll agree with you. Agree with you. I mean, you want to beat the best if you he is weird that like kids sold the shoes that they got North Carolina. They got four games. Yeah. Oh gosh. What is Jim tressel saying right now, Jimmy Johns Russell's..

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