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We're all rebelling against we see constantly and caused all the trouble. We'll talk to the controller of LA around galloper, next, John and Ken show, KFI, Debra, Mark has news, a man suspected of shooting, an off-duty LA county sheriff's deputy L Hambro has been arrested in Long Beach deputy, Joseph Solano was shot in the head yesterday. He's in grave condition. Sheriff's homicide captain Kent Wagner, says the accused shooter called his father from the church and Long Beach today, and then the father called the cops Long Beach to reverse directory on the phone number provided by. By the father and responded to that church shortly after arriving the suspect was seen driving from the church. He says officers recognized the car officers followed the car and the coordinated a tactical stop. He's a gun was found in the man's car LA police say they believe the guy was also involved in a fatal shooting in south LA shortly before the deputy was shot. The news is brought to you by XL dot com. New figures show hundreds of DWP, employee's cashed in at least one hundred thousand dollars in overtime last year overtime payouts, the DWP hit a record two hundred fifty million dollars. Transparent California's Robert Kelner says more than three hundred employees made one hundred grand or more in OT last year. The department's top OT earner received nearly three hundred fourteen thousand dollars and overtime pay alone. He says the number of overtime payouts of at least one hundred thousand dollars increased one thousand percent from five years earlier, demand, who made the most overtime last. A year had avai salary of twenty five thousand dollars. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. Typical season of June gloom has given way to a sweltering hot.

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