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This wins at a mile I like his other one little bit. Frost me Coming out of two hall coming off a nice win cut them. But i think the leading rider there and Ray handle source the sixers irish constitution. coming out coming up with a little bit of a break. All modesty bread raised got beat a neck. They're going seven eight So i like those too frustrating and irish constitution and then at santa anita the point of this Another matched now this. This category heard me for years. This is if they win. One of these two. Toss them because they're not gonna win another one. I mean probably two years with with not the single one horse winning two of the of the philly mirror races and and Johnny wong came along with Keeper stars last year and now mute moot show unusual has won two in a row. Winning frankel and the megahertz and She's going to be tough defeating here. let's say that but We're looking for a little bit of a price going to vegas out of the richard baltimore. Who is super tough in turf stakes out in california red lark. I know both of your sources dropping back in distance to the mile. You're gonna get a decent price on red large. She's a she's a great one winter few racist back and then a little bit of a price from up north. Manny padilla source Sloan garden Golden gate type force and number down here and It's a wide open match so Some good races there. You know. I looked at the saudi rates. And you know i i. I felt bad. That i'm not really that interested in it but I don't think a whole lot of people are i would. I'm gonna box is a box of japanese source. Chew a wizard John gosden source global giant. And then the to speed balls from here Charlotte in mexico and and take a shot. If i get that. But that's that's who i came up with for and Funded gulu handicapping at home and playing some of the derby wars contest just to keep a little fresh but It's all good and Really looking forward to get back into into action here in.

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