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Usually pretty shitty. Just telling beautiful stories just that's what I'm most of the in ring. Pau is just fracturing mentally, beautiful story to you know project. And when he does like when you watch matches like a ball or like mama pop, watching the ball and the sans off, though, watching a match the sand off his like amazing to me. 'cause you if you can tell the good the good guys in the back and everything is just, yeah, I'm not capacity do that. Yeah. I'm looking at myself in the mirror. I love green. But it's a very good point if you can watch it with the sound on and differentiate who, okay, that's the bad guy. And that's the good guy. That's that's a good way to see if you're doing it right. I can't say I've ever done it before, but that's a really good way to to glean if someone you know is actually being a healer, not with another one, five, five types ago into the colon and ready to initiate competition again. But then the cold moves out of the Wii watching any like strongest in invited, they don't wanna be eight. It's like, I don't know. I watched who is it that's wrestling their phone right now. Is that you or is that you spud cut me. Not yet. I'm I'm sitting down. It might be the head clones might be the headphones just rustling around. I have not been much of ice, so I'm just in integrate in. Yeah, I figured out. I actually the hall knocking all the doors like room. I'm actually interested in where he is gonna walk around what rooms. So so you you make it over to the US when do you kind of get the call up from developmental and and start on on TNA? TV. And what was what was that experience like? It was. Right. Okay. So that the co, mayo after about a year and then on, I'm prepared today arrest lab because I've been selling Ricky more than Louisville, Kentucky there and like, you know, we're gonna fight him. You're going to hit that. Maybe. So then it was the call up and John the spot you on the phone against, right. We want you to be Dixie cars assistance. Number one. I'm thinking while this species of awesome. Ceautiful chance to get another boss, Connie number number two, because, oh, cannot be sat and he's like, you can like, yeah, I'll say I'll say choose. I just knew what I was going to be straight. Why? 'cause I used to work in banks said, and I'll have been around company saw cups in law and just just just cooling. This obnoxious boss Madden my, she's the Queen and the. Just like pensive to her nephew, eight grade just just being the the Butler by the general. The cake would always on, and it was just fate. Light peach, ROY. He tried side of the road, the turn of ringside in the cast and j on these on the I get back. So the trigger back in the chair is like just collie little. Yeah, just calling the ways -ly restless stuff and just I wonderful any God a lot sympathy because we got did it was even with eighty. Three stop victory was officer the boss, but it was. I was best friends. They say three. He wasn't necessarily best friends late because he's a car. You know what I make, so everybody sympathetic story building and it wasn't intentional would just kind of went row selves onto the right off the thing it was just happening thinking. I don't mix of who he was who I was and then just letting Negri opportunity just, you know, put my own writing team just millions that have been Bryce me back. You know. Just in case. His just wanted things and. Thing, Bubba, Putin retirement will be fight. I was the last line of defense aside from all the guys. She's not going through the table, turn around the whole locker, standing there look at home and then just fight. So she's going to the table. There's just fun stuff like that. Just anyway. Okay. Mic myself, looking to entertain the audience on absolutely for it and could have suited for recognizing tuna to like like, I don't really wanna be just like this lack year, whatever it is..

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