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Team hockberg WGN sports beautiful day for a ballgame. Right. Andy mazer, absolutely an taste one of those rare days, you could actually make it. A Chicago baseball double header because the White Sox are playing at one ten of the cubs are playing at six oh five tonight. Speaking with an a half a game in the first place cardinals after comeback win yesterday. Six to five backup catcher Taylor. Davis time game of this. I happen to be a grand slam that in the fourth inning hobby by the five all of the whole run of the eight final game of the series has mentioned tonight Jose Catanha against Adam Wainwright, what came apart for the White Sox in the third inning. That's when Boston scored nine runs on tense rates and Ritu fifteen to to win over the south siders final game with a four game series. Coming your way at guaranteed Redfield this afternoon. I have your pre game at twelve thirty five. First pitch at one ten with DJ Dylan covy against Rick Portillo, White Sox Carson, Fulmer and Jose Ruiz the triple eight following last night's game. They Kentucky Derby winner was disqualified for the first time. In the history of the race maximum security came across the finish line first. But after a writers objection determined the horse interfered country house who came in second was awarded the victory and the one hundred forty derby country house paid one hundred thirty two dollars and forty cents to win the second highest payout in derby history. NHL playoffs, Boston and San Jose each one last night take three to lead to their series. And the rockets over the warriors in the NBA one twenty six to one twenty one over overtime, Golden State still in front two games to one on the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and White Sox baseball WGN sports WGN traffic.

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