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I'm able to separate myself and take the emotion out of everything. But if you tell me the raptors evening, a win the series, let alone be leading. It's, it's insane. It's so hard to believe. But obviously we're forced in the sense that there been so many key injuries to the warriors, but I'm not gonna take anything away from the raptors putting up a hundred twenty points. I mean obviously offensively were clicking so we got that going for us. It's like five years of regression happening in, in like a month. Well, and that was that was the interesting thing with the raptors the reason why I just didn't think they were going to go this far is that it seemed like they had trouble figuring out a second score. Behind co. I like it was just like who else is going to carry the scoring load and now it's an abundance of riches. It's like who isn't gonna score vanfleet Lowery just Casale and chats. Like everyone is going off and especially on the road. Normally I mean you know game two they struggled the kind of the side, auxiliary players struggled to put a points to help coli and but then you go on the road. Normally your bench and your supporting cast struggle on the road. But they seem to excel, what do you think is really? I mean it's obvious. Like you said, they're clicking. What do you think is causing that? I think it's just the players hitting the shots. They need to. I mean Kyle Lowry is just so important to us just let alone being a point guard is orchestrating the offense he so important. And when he has a little bit of confidence he shooting the ball. Well, they're just such a hard team to beat. And I loved all the pickups, we had, I loved getting Danny green. Obviously loved getting Mark assault. I just think that, you know, with our team just I mean, I'm just as shocked Xeni one is I'm not at a very, very hard series against the seventy Sixers in the first round in the night. And think we get by the bucks and here we are in. I mean yeah. Just getting the production, we have I mean, our benches been pretty consistent all year. So I figured I'd bench would do pretty well, scoring wise. But just the production we've been getting offense. Yeah. Co I won't we can have choline, Kat drop forty points and still win a game. I mean it's looking good for us, obviously never rooting for an injury. But let's keep Kevin Durant on the sidelines. Long as humanly possible on, I think we now know he's not coming back for sure. And I gotta be honest. So you watch this raptors team play. If you were just take replace the jerseys with Spurs jerseys. It would make sense and they're definitely playing team. And Sean, like we were downing earlier in the play offs. I told you my man Nick nurse would get it done because he, he, he got he got his experience, down there in the Rio Grande valley vipers in the NBA D league coach of the two time champion and coach of the year, Sean hair yourself. I you know, I'm actually really enjoying this. I had money on the warriors in game three and I was truly mad at myself because I enjoy rooting against this warriors team now. It's, it's the he'll, I'm so torn because I normally love hating on the warriors, but that the raptors knocked out my seventy Sixers, and then cold and state loss. Kevin durant. Suddenly, they become like a normal t. Team now and not a super team. And then they lose clay, and all of a sudden they're this scrappy underdog. Again, the team that was fun to root for in two thousand fifteen so I keep calling back and forth. And yeah it's, it's just it's, it's kind of it's been an exciting series. The more goes on the more feels like it's gonna go seven or clay is coming back for game four Kevin Durant is out. So if the raptors win game four I mean that's pretty much a rap. But ensuring let's talk about the series price real quick. Yes. Now, like one of the first times we all season where the warriors are a dog to win the NBA. It's crazy than that, right? Like imagine a world where the raptors were a three to one hundred dollars if you if you parlayed it with win win game one like I did..

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