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The things i took from espn when i left and and that's where they they search your office to make sure you're not steal in anything that was one of my prized possessions that i took the jerry miller soccer breakdown in three two one three three two i thought that the edit that i don't know who the kid was he was on the editing side when he says get out that's me because i'm down there listening to this in an i opened the door where you have a booth where you recording it he's got out soccer breakdown three to one night more phone calls coming up the nfl did they put in a rule that you have to stand is there already rule in place now the current rules says that they mm it doesn't say must stand it says the players should stand for the anthem they're going to revisit this next week and change the rule least it looks like that might for you sent these joe lockhart who's an nfl spokesman said during a media conference call yesterday the nfl believes they can make the change without the unions agreement they unilaterally change the rule the union could take action arguing that this is something that requires bargaining with the this of masked men allowing them to refuse to agree to the change or at a minimum to get something from the nfl in return for agreeing to let players stand ultimately the nfl believes players will stand if not standing mean sitting for a game especially if the league gives them a shepherd platform for raising social concerns i don't know what that means we're give it giving you a platform for you're so social concert you know it feels like we need the next step in this process whatever that is going to be with these players i even had somebody from the players association say you could see eight and and he said look this is not something i i think is happening but if the commissioner says to one of these owners we'll somebody pickup calling capper nick and we can put an end to this that was what was suggested to me yesterday does he goal way of calling capper tickets on a roster i think we're too far down the.

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