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Do feel like a piece of meat. Yeah there's some people but not the kind of piece of meat you i actually. You're not a piece of meat. You are just meet. I gotcha mark that for later. Police got it But the thing is at that point if you rack and you are once again that meat they don't don't shut traffic down. Just get just just some a street cleaner out. Clean your couple shovels yes. Ju- in just unleash get on with our day. 'cause i mean you're you're you're not you're not. You're not a car you're not a bus. You're not you're not the you you. Hey i'm watching the experts. Say so you exercise you know your rights and the bad and work and work and let's just not slow down everybody else's life because you were impatient something stupid or you. Had you know little dick syndrome. You had to go one hundred and fifty miles an hour. Yeah by the way. One story forgot to mention last week. And we're talking about the do stuck in the park Video was at one point. Security came out. It was literally we adjust i. I didn't know the park had security there. I just thought it was just a you. Go to kids. Villa park ride gra. There's security anywhere. That's not like a park like you're thinking. Though this like businesses they're restaurants not not really right now but those buildings are still there. Yeah but i don't see. I've never seen security there ever. And all the i have they they They're there and they just all three guys. Barney andy and goober descended on like just come right up to the duck costume and they don't know what's going on and i see the corner of my eye and finally when the guys comes up and goes hey man because what y'all doing here so we're just filming a comedy bit. I don't know how funny it was going to be so i. I use the word comedy pretty whistle and he goes. Hey he passed it on the back. I thought y'all doing some stuff religious over here. You're good keep on i. So what do you think you were going to be a giant duck that literally has douche duck on his back and he thought that was like a church thing that we were doing nedeli see the back of the shirt. I bet he would have thought it was something where we were like. Hey don't be a douche and do drugs go go with jesus. Maybe that's part was he was like you have to have a permit for that for religious stuff at the park and we had a comedy bit. You don't have to do it. And which i would i would honestly i would become patted me on the back. He said. keep on doing what you're doing. I said douchen. I didn't say you can't take my tag on rebel. No trouble shot starbucks roka. Did you notice the police presence at starbucks. I did not dot a lot lot of cops. I came in a different way. Oh yeah you're you're you're you're addicted i am you're addicted to. Im am once. I got back in last week. I'm like this. Is the life like you have a driver now. they don't talk to you. You get to set the temperature before you even get into the car. You had the lead. That was regular uber. And now you're like you're smoking great hydro or back in the day. That's all i rode was over black four times expensive now. It's ridiculous this before they had baracks and they had uber all these different tiers right. They just have like uber. Uber black and i would always take uber black because it was only like five dollars or ten dollars more expensive and then they come out with all these fancy tears and so i take those because their way cheaper you know three dollars versus twenty five trying to justify this little to no i m. He seems like he's a little defensive. I am. I will. Totally take uber black anywhere. I go now. I i clark the other day. We went to Fan expo and he got in this car that had ac. It had a automatic door locking doors. It was incredible. He he was like it was like a kid. Visiting willy wonka factory for the first time like this is amazing. I didn't know the cars could do this. Like i'm the guy even opened the door for him. Not like i'm the my hand getting limo right. You're on your way to join the diamond club with me. Oh yeah. I'm taking it everywhere. I go now. The cost me eighty dollars round trip. But it's worth it by so yeah. Clark went to a fan expo for the first time this week i comic con. You've ever been. yeah correct. Yes what was your first without getting into what we did and all that yet. What was your first impression walking into that building. So walking in i was Actually bad kind of rundown looking. But that might as well. I mean the event i'll mandates laid down looking actually I rather enjoyed it. There's a lot to take in. What did i I mean the vendors were was was what really kind of surprised me. His all of these videos at different comic cons. And it's just it just looks like a a massive people in costumes and just kind of you know co mingling. But they're you know you have vendors and you know. There was the celebrity booths and whatnot and I was actually kind of a surprise that there were not as many people in cost him. Just look like a bunch of people are on their lunch. Break china also. We went day. One right opened up four. Pm you know if you today or yesterday. Yeah there would be all sorts of people in costumes. I'm sure the parking lot. The one behind the convention center like next to the highway was packed. Yesterday when i came back saturday's crazy. Yeah i mean honestly we probably pick the the the right time to go. I'm really trying to be around that many people we got in. It wasn't super packed. The first thing we did was he went to go see Kevin conroy who we had on last week voice of batman the batman and we waited in line for more. You say thirty minutes forty minutes. Yeah and then we finally get up to the line and we picked the picture we want. Kevin assigned for the hallway for a wallow graph. I say hey kevin you. We're on our show last week For those who don't know there was about a ten minute delay in between when you're supposed to call in and when we picked up because we had a phone issue we didn't realize we were having and so at one point. I told spider. Like i think we lost and we're never ten. Ten minutes is a long time. If it was me i would call it twice. And then they didn't answer forget it but he kept trying and so we started the show as kevin wasn't coming on and then he called like. Hey i almost gave up. I'm like glad. I'm glad you didn't give up because i've waited fifteen years fifteen long years to talk to you and that's why he's your verse line. He is my bruce wayne batum westwood. I think adam was would have given up on you. Adam was give up on the house. Twenty for twenty minutes and he didn't answer find there it is. I sent an email and then exit of and then his his guy calls me the next.

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