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I i always say a no water please and because you know their kids they're they're out there i mean some might be super in tennis you could be their idol or or someone that they they've been dynasty and meet an i i love doing doing the kids clinics and and being around them and saying thank you i actually had a ball girl pass out on me one time during wild and oc when she got overheated 'em and carrier off the court goes like this poor girl and ice are afterwards and and gave her a a racket 'em but it's their kids i mean what what do you gonna be mad at their phone call is just you and me fills me she's never really out of control because she's always most of the kids yeah i i always will be i may get impatient but i'm an older sibling i can handle it the heart sumer when you turn to recuse the philosophy when you turn to i am a big softie that's what everyone says even though i i do look like a crazy intense like angry person but i am a big softie so who is the sleeper right now who's the young girl a fourteen fifteen who's coming up we should watch for i wouldn't have the slightest idea you haven't seen him well we don't interact with them through so i wouldn't have the slightest idea i i wish i we we would would as far as 'em 'cause at fifteen sixteen that they're all fourteen fifteen they're good enough to practice and training 'em i honestly would have loved that as as a fourteen fifteen year old have of a professional say hey come over let's go practice for a week and you know as federa does it a whole bunch where he has the young guns calm but i have no interaction with them and i don't know who's who's fault that as it might be my fault that i should be more into it but i agree i would love to i mean for myself i would've loved to have had someone take me under their wing so i wouldn't mind at all you in symptoms are worried about is spend a lotta time in europe in the summer i play tennis everyday when i'm in europe and i go to the neighborhood courts i'll play it monte carlo country club and stuff but i go like into the bay a blue into the label ably racquet club over in the neighborhood in santa margarita just back in a neighborhood where it's just a clay court in the middle of the apartment complex something middle of the day middle of the week every record is full of kids i mean every court everyday fully kids all day long and i drive around here dallas elway whatever courts they're not at full they're much more passionate about it over there and i see now that they're starting programs that they're really starting to pull kids in more over here and i'm really glad to see that i think i think it's actually gonna be really interesting in the upcoming years for for all sports just first of all i think tennis is an has gotten too expensive i think but i also think a lot of sports have with all these you know club programs and and things that you have to get your kid into 'em otherwise they're not gonna be seen by college scout and all those things cost money in and that's gonna take a kid away from that sport and so it's gonna be interesting in the upcoming years the see what kind of athletes it's a usa is gonna produce because not only that were were losing kids from swertz because once they just can't afford it but also were singular sporting so many kids so young that it take that it's like no you still have to be a good athlete and go socialize with their friends go play three sports time very that's all i did growing up me so i didn't know any other way there is no like oh no you have to go play tennis and only tennis so early it's like no news football basketball rolling drug yeah right so it's gonna be interesting to see how what you know the uss gonna be able to produce.

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