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Wonderful to be with you next again. That was a long time coming. It was great to have steve on the show. Thank you for not only being like true kind of early supporters of us and atlanta but also just being a great friend where we could call and say what's happening and what's next and get your thoughts on it so this conversation and all things that have been happening in the audio and podcasts acquisitions space spotify just announced that they acquired another huge show armchair expert by the way monica padma was the call. Host of armchair expert is coming on the show big congrats to her index shepherd on that acquisition. There's so much going on in this space and it got me thinking. And there's a lot of conversation in the twitter verse around this as well from sub stack to audio but institutional versus creator and candidate kind of coexist own when i say institutional talking about big mature stabbed companies like spotify mcken spotify acquire these giant shows as well as sponsor or create a community for creators. Or are they odds inherently and i actually am in the camp and a big believer that they can now exist and so there is a world where kind of bigger mature company can actually exists. In in fact maybe even continue to help grow the creator. Economy and the individual contributor. Does i'm a big fan of what's happening in the audio space for this. And i think it's a looked at less so right now but definitely more to come as apple spotify. Get into the creator space. I think it's a great setup in thinking about the use case of audio and how the barrier of entry into audio is so low the cost to do it the time to do it the accessibility to do it. In comparison to the production of other types of media to be able to put ideas out in the world. And see what sticks. And i think to a great point laura around testing in audio. Mink right now. Brands can still and there are very few places. Brands can do this. In my opinion not just be doing advertising and pre roll spots in your standard placement. They should be really going into deeper partnerships and exploring. How does that brand expressed in different genres. How does that brand expressed in fictional scripted work. How does that brand kind of add to the layer of this kind of creative space where they really don't have a lot to lose. They have a lot of community potentially to reach into gain so i'm bullish on more experimentation. That's outside of standard advertising. I couldn't agree more than think. We are really at an interesting point where we need to push on format form factor monetization use case all of the things. This medium allows us to have a wide ranging testing ground to do all of it and so.

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