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Going the other way and B rob has to foul mcgowan's to break up and easy layup, and that will be the first foul on Brandon Robinson. But it will also mean more free throws coming for pit. And while certainly the Panthers aren't happy where the game is right now had has not been for the free throw line. It would be even worse for the Panthers. They are twelve of seventeen there. If made more free throws than they have field goals and mcgowan's has been the man at the line the most he makes the first is now made seven straight free throws after missing his first two. And he'll have another one coming seventh woods checks out. Roy Williams catches him to say something to the junior from Columbia, South Carolina as Kobe white is back in. So tar heel lead sliced into by a couple of free throws here. Come the tar heels the other direction. Cam Johnson in the front court picks up his dribble right sideline. Needs some help. Pivots. A couple of times finds garrison. Brooks says an outlet up that sideline fifty six thirty four Carolina pits defense really extended as a quick to buy little was well too strong. But Brandon Robinson slaps the rebound. Carolina will try again. Cam Johnson, drives baseline and lays it got around these Tony and Tony was trying. We just talked about how they're so extended there. So tight on you that backside, of course, Carolina really very perimeter oriented with their offense. But particularly on these last couple possessions, they have just been right in the face, and Tony just couldn't couldn't stay in front of them. Good move by Cam Johnson mcgowan's blocked from behind on the drive, but it's going to be garrison Brooks called for the personal in front. Roy Williams thought that there was a foul earlier in the possession on mcgowan's when he pushed Robinson down. Instead, it will be a third foul on Brooks. Fourth.

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