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Good morning at three o'clock. I'm Mike McCann. The Yankees aren't letting baseball's covert crisis become any kind of distraction. Saturday night, another impressive victory over a weekend Red Sox club. He certainly brought the big lumber out again in the Bronx, Geo, this one to center Deep Bradley back on the track was God It's a home run for Geo audio. Some ego Ricky Ricardo the call here on the fan. Yankees handle the Sox 5 to 2. Pitching worked out. Masahiro Tanaka went two and 2/3 of his first start since the concussion. While the bullpen combined for six of the third scoreless with nine strikeouts. Yankees go to six and one That's the best record in the majors. Different story down in Atlanta Braves Burn them at 7 to 1 can't blame the bullpen This time around. Atlanta scored five times off starter and loser Michael Wacha as the Mets dropped 23 and six. NHL opening round action one out of two for the locals. Islanders held off the Panthers to tow one going seven violent off, stopping 27 of 28 Florida shots and made that skinny lead. Hold up. Here's head coach Barry Trotz. I like the response, you know, you get scored on your U know been on, you know, had teams in the past Where they going? A little bit of panic won't now you gotta 19.5 minutes to try to keep him off the board and you're sort of on, but I thought we handled it pretty well. So I think our experience and our understanding what we are and how we have to play when we get that lead, you know, sort of locked us in there that from MSG Hurricane skated past the Rangers 3 to 2. Keep in mind the Rangers that swept Carolina, winning all four during the regular season. Elsewhere the flames over the Jets for the one Canadians in overtime 32 over Pittsburgh and the Blackhawks beat the Oilers 6 to 4 couple. Local NFL notes. Jets linebacker CJ Mosley opting out of the 2020 season, citing family health concerns. Was he missed most of last year with injuries and the Giants I, an offensive lineman Nick Gates to a two year extension will pay close to $7 million. The fan reminds that if.

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