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And welcome back into the bruins beat on seal on this media mine in is Evan Marino. He hope you guys are having a great day. A great week. On today's episode. On this week's episode, we discussed, we started with the Matthew chuck news, because even though the bruins are not directly involved in this, he is now in the Atlantic. He is now with the Florida Panthers. So we discussed that trade or the Panthers better, or they worse, what's it gonna be like defending Matthew kuchak for the bruins? All those things that we get into the lineup for the year. Or at least to begin the year because with the creature watch and the bergeron watch on full effect, I think some people are forgetting, which makes sense because we're people so focused on that. Forgetting that Marcia is going to be able to begin a year, mcavoy, and grizzly will also be out to begin the year. So what are the, what's the lineup going to look like? With those guys out. So we get into all that in today's episode. You will very much enjoy it. As you hopefully enjoy every episode of bruins beat, but without further ado, here's my conversation. With Conor Ryan. And we're here with Connor Ryan, Connor. What is up? Evan doing well. How are you doing? Doing great. Doing great. Hopefully we're at the end of this little heat wave that's hitting everywhere, maybe, hopefully. My friends and I actually did an Olympics this weekend. We did a round of golf. We did basketball. We did wiffle ball. We did soccers all outside in the hundred degree heat. So my whole body is still here. I'm still somehow here. My whole body just hurts. I have not athletically done those things in quite a long time. And especially in that heat, it was brutal. It was. Lots of water. We drank so much water and Gatorade. It was just, you know, we could have been sponsored by water and Gatorade. This past weekend. So fun times all around, but that was not the biggest news of the weekend, actually. This is crazy. My friends and I doing Olympics was not the biggest news of the weekend. Crazy to think. What was the biggest news of the weekend? Matthew kuchuk headed to Florida. And this was Friday night, right? Late Friday. Late late Friday night. It's one of those times when it's like poor Panthers and flames beat writers, you know, have fun guys. But very big news.

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