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For a year when the Atlanta Braves had all these great teams, and they couldn't fill up their baseball parks. And when did you say this merit was this last week to try and get? Exactly, exactly. No, no. I'm so happy to be wrong. I know I wasn't the only one who had concerns. Arthur blank in Atlanta have proven us all wrong, and it's taken that city by storm, and it's become a great soccer town, and as becoming more the rule than the exception. This is soccer country men in blazers are playing a role in that as well. We talk about with less. We like to say with less things holding Sockovac from going over the top you very very kind and is a socket country. I love hearing you say that because I knew that you believe that you've come to the spool from basketball, and you've really invested yourself in it. I believe it too. But you talk about new muddles of football new cities were fooling in love with the game. We love at need to ask you, you the timbers they made it to the conference championship around three times as the last six seasons the finals twice in full years. It's still missing mazing them because you've got your Portland thorns you right? I think we love them reveal Lindsey hurrah. On an Emily Cellnet. They been a smiling superpower in the women's finals for the last two years now in US Soka, we are constantly in love with the new thing. The Atlanta story the L A F C story. We're all braced for the wonders of the Cincinnati story to Kim Joo fail at you've gotten the respect you deserve. What you've done in Portland. I'd say yes is the short answer. I think ultimately in terms of off the field the atmosphere that we have here is great. As all those stories are there's something a little more authentic in electric that you'll see in the timbers army is by far the largest supporters section both in number and percentage of seats of any MLS stadium. We've got over six thousand general admission in our north end in it's just a different feeling. I think there's relatively universal acknowledgement of that fact, I think maybe on the field. We. Might not. But maybe that's just me with the chip on my shoulder who's looking for pervert beautiful locker room bulletin board material, but maybe that'll change after Saturday, but we've gotta show up on Saturdays. Well, regardless I think what we've done in our track record puts us as an elite team on the field. So I could care less about the plot. It's nice sort to see that as the reality. And it's something I'm proud of what you said about what that doing good for the collective. It's good for the soccer in America. It's good for business for Ye I I interviewed gig six years ago on the eve of the two thousand twelve final I wrote a piece about how then in two thousand twelve felt like Emily was a league in transition the article to be on this. It was Ripley overwritten. I by saying MLS stands like mythological central. That's awful Hoffman old school franchises. Like New England Revolution remained, but there's a new face of the league. Light Portland and Kansas City. West soccer has become a cacophonous totem of local pride. And you talk to me an article about how the balance was shifting from the fool or the old school kind of playing football in NFL stadia to the latter. In terms of the growth of the league. I also interviewed rope Hyman of Kansas City, and he suggested in the article reread it by two thousand seventeen a league will be firing on all cylinders in terms of filling its potential across the board. I mean, everything in football takes longer than we would imagine. Where are we right now in the battle between the old originals and the kind of big bold dreaming, and you'll mind the balance has shifted for sure the culture is come a long way. But I think the next frontier for us. We clearly need to have a better caliber product on the field. Then let's not even talk about Europe. Then Mexico MLS teams need to be. On the average on the whole better than league AmEx teams that needs to bear its way out and Concha cap Champions League..

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