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It's the generation before you. She said, you know, Brad, Pitt is a twinkie Carey grant is glamorous. She could ever think of Brad Pitt is being glamorous or Angelina Jolie because they were younger than her. And so for me, it's that same thing. Like, you know, these are all cute kids running. Amanda Lepore is adorable. You know, she's crashes. But yeah, but she's not glamorous to me because I'm we're the same age where this of the same scene. So I don't understand when people are mythology ising. I guess I had a hand in it. But I don't see it as a to me. No, like, I said, you know, the Warhol scene in studio fifty four and all that is glamorous, sir. But it probably wasn't very glamorous to the people who Bianca Jagger doesn't sit back and think about how glamorous fifty four it in that moment. Sometimes, you know, we get involved because we live pretty rarified lives. We were pretty blessed to have pretty extraordinary experiences with other extraordinary people as a collective, but in the moment, I'm just like this is so fun. It's like, so I don't go. Oh my God. People are going to talk about this. You know, it's like high school. I don't go gosh. These are the good old. Also, what people do do that you're mmediately suspicious of them. You shouldn't be actually to me the scene that was right before us the area seen. Diane Brill always be the most glamorous woman on the face of the earth. And even now, we're friends and I talked to him. But I still get a little nervous when we when she emails me your taxpayers. I'll tell you. Sweep still. Excitement. Because also I think the lesson from that too. Is that you just have to propel yourself into the life that you want using those images that you have of those other scenes as you're sort of guide post, right? Because that's really what it's for. It's inspiration. Yeah. When you were fourteen fifteen what was your lifelike, then in your hometown with your family? It was almost gets frantic. Because I was in Michigan for part of the time. My mother was in Michigan, and that was sort of his bleak and depressing as you can imagine for you to be there, and culture the culture there. Right. But I had a lot of good friends, but I was also bullied on in. There was a lot of like. I would just re I I knew that I wanted to get to New York at that certain point, and I had a subscription to New York magazine. And I would write down all the addresses of the places in the restaurants that I wanted to go, and I would just make lists. Let's see it on TV though. Like, what was it? What did you see does a great question because I get what triggered because now the internet. You can get everything all the time. What's the first thing? I'd like people now know that sunset and vine people don't get discovered in Los Angeles, you can create you know, your media anywhere. But you didn't have that back. Then what did you see?.

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