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At the earliest stores in 22 States will participate. There are no signs the Biden administration will take a softer line on Tehran. The Department of Justice is seeking to seize two million barrels of oil on a Greek owned tanker, saying the oil came from Iran. The complaint accuses Iran of trying to disguise the origin of the oil, using ship to ship transfers, falsified documents and other means. Come back to you, Jimi. All right, thanks very much for getting paid to take a vacation. That's what a small town in California is offering. It's Santa Maria. It's near the coast, not far from Santa Barbara's the cell in California, but a now hour and a half outside of L. A. It's known for barbecue wineries, beaches, hiking trails, and now the state stay at home order is over. The town wants to lure tourists back. Good luck with that bell. It's offering having Harvey's a card to use toward a minimum two night hotel. Stay, let card the taxes on those hotel rooms. In California. I don't know. Offer is good for reservation starting Thursday through March. 31st Sana Maria Eventful. Not to Santa Maria. You know quite a bit of time in Santa Barbara in that region there. I mean, there's If I remember right? Santa Maria is known for the peanut of war, and a lot of that region is Make their pretty good Pinos in Santa Barbara region, so Ah, nearly a year into the pandemic, and he's serving out yesterday found that Americans are the most stressed out now than they've been since the pandemic began. But it's not all about the pandemic. People feeling stressed about things like political unrest. Economic uncertainty, senator etcetera. The Harris poll for the American Psychological Association. We We tell them that the highest average levels of stress since last April is now code 19 case, and that's first tide. Prolong stress in the last two weeks. The largest stress trigger was The future of America named by 81%. Followed right behind by pandemic in 80% political unrest, 74% Two thirds named Jerry six on the U. S. Capitol, So that's two thirds 66%. So there you go. 6 35 time for Rush Limbaugh. The ruler of Michigan Governor Gretchen Wittner graciously generously allowing restaurants to resume indoor dining. She took credit for the state's covert numbers dropping due to the targeted temporary pause that she ordered in November. She thanked all of those who made incredible sacrifices and did their part. She said she knows the pandemic is hurt restaurant owners and workers and their families. Governor Wittmer. The pandemic hurt those who got the coronavirus. What hurt restaurant owners and workers and their families. Was the tyrannical response. Through the pandemic from Democrat governors like you. Other governors like Christine on South Dakota run to Santa's. Florida chose a different path. They allowed businesses to stay open. And guess what. When it comes to Corona virus cases, their states are doing better than the states that shut down the economy and through thousands of people out.

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