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I'll take that spider man. Yeah, lame. He's. Yeah, got to change Bill. Picone. This not even go try. That's the spider met. You see hanging out crackdown Elmo. And half as cooking month getting his ass. Me. Spent a bet Spiderman effect, Batman, vice. Vice. Jong. On the worst thing about it was when you saw that on the side of it was at the ice cream truck. Yeah, that was the worst. That was the worst because you can't take those. As it. Tastes good. And I actually tried to find my couldn't. I tried to find the the Spiderman and Christmas album. I don't know if that's the thing I'm mad spent thirty minutes today. That's why I laughed. Oh, that's a joke because they done everything else. Okay. Was real not spend all day trying to boot laid that never there is a spider an album, but he's not in Christmas wrapping anything. Okay, then I won't. No, it's almost like a musical that nobody acted out, but they recorded it. Okay. Through. No hell I was serious real. I don't know, wouldn't be surprised. They made a serial of every. Yeah. Mean cereals on people even know exist, like a gremlin cereal. One time. Smurfs Batman pays like, yeah. Got. The they got some other things in here to that Easter eggs, and then it's cool what they have in here to some Easter eggs they and that's why I've talked about like the spider fans, but didn't. No this spider. And like you said, it's very popular. They're putting things that people love right now at the time is right. Like we talked about how much Spiderman game guess. And if you look in the background, you can even see like the spider man suit that they had in the game. Oh, yeah, res it right there and and also shows the age at this shooting for two which is teens who look if it's cool and if it's entertainment, they're going gonna like it. And if you look closely in a hip hop fan, you, you probably pause the frame and notice something background of this frame. Right here I'm looking at frame was twenty eighty five post in the background Wednesdays looking over Peter Parker shoulder, and then over miles is a do blue with a hat on and if you hip hop fan, you know that that is chance the record. That's yeah. See. Yeah, exactly. So they put a foreign fantastic foursome, but that's from his album coloring book. So plus they probably put him at two because the hills. On what was then? I think if he's of that, but what does he listen to? Because it Just just. let me ask you ask you, why Why did you did you ask ask you. you? I'm not miles relative. I can't beat him up. I'm not even know Peter Porco. Now they probably put that in there because of also the static of the of his album which fits very much for the movie that you can see right there. You know, it's a some of the. I'm looking at this and I'm like, it's it's a weird movie and they wanna put some other elements in there that a weird. I'm good with that too. I don't. I don't mind that you made a good point by saying this is catching the feeling of the legal Batman movie where it's kind of this way was very self referential. Yeah, you know, it's very self aware but seems to be tell them over series store than what they wanted to do right here. The beauty of the LEGO Batman movie, is that yes, it went for the deep cuts and the Easter eggs, but it blew through them so quickly that if you didn't catch him, that's all right..

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