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Slash higher guys with mac and gaydos mac police story from the news the haven't seen a read it to you are you watching the world cup now neither am i america's not in it i haven't heard any i know that mexico juan they beat germany and they started an earthquake because everybody jumped up at one right shoe store it actually registered iana seismic stale well not nigerian soccer fans to world cup right requested because of superstition to take live chickens into stadiums what could possibly go wrong they feel that it is ask alice cooper did he did he rip one head off into a crowd and they toured the who ate the bat that was ozzie ozzie osborne eight bat or he bit the head off of a actually it was a poor bird a bird fezzan and cardinal that there was a dove it was a dumb anyway the the president of the world cup or whatever said this is ridiculous don't bring live chickens into a sporting event you cannot carry a live chicken into any stadium what is this a cockfighting ring i guess steven seagal and he's with the tank with your pile you go so no jerry and football fans while i call him soccer fans they say listen our team isn't going to win if we don't bring the chickens oh well mac i need your gut check they feel that the live chickens in the stadium or good luck what good luck charm do you carry with you or have you carried with you do you have a good luck charm i thought you told me that now was that off the air off the air now i'd never happened i much as you want to believe that it never ever happened what.

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