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Yeah and i think one of the things about this movie. Is that the those particular moments like the way that is crafted incomes about. All of us makes you mourn for sections that really. Don't work agree like you just talked about the best scene in the movie right. Yep were seeing in the movie via initial torture of labral. Yes doesn't make any damn good so far as to say pretty much. All of the torture in this movie. Misses the mark for me. Yeah it's not in your face. Like hereditary right. where like. Let's just do it if we're going to do let's do it. You know. and it's not or full in a way that's like. Oh my god like this is horrible. No matter who you are. it's just strange. It's too tropy to be justifiable in terms of real. Violence happens children all the time. But it's not tropy enough to be the georgia losing his arm and it. This is very clearly fiction very clearly not something that's actually happening in the world. it like. it's not it's not exploitation. No but it's not not expert. You know i mean like it is just kinda. It's uncomfortable in a way that is not entertaining and also not clarifying about the nature of how kids do get harmed all the time. I'm gonna make a really obscure reference. I hope you get it. Listen i referenced ruby earlier so you're good. The torture of children in this movie reminds me of what. Jj bitten minder must think children kidnappers. Do i do not know what the fuck your talk. Excellent a lot of people will just laughed listening to this. I promise so. There is a section in the john. Mullany standup comeback kid. In which he discusses a speech given to him at his chicago elementary school by a guy named jay. Jay bitten binder. Who's an expert on the abduction of children. Aunt got it hard the basis of this joke. Which is i think one of if not the most heard joke in america is that the trophy beliefs about the abduction and the harm of children are in themselves especially harmful. Does that make sense yes. I'm on the same page because if it doesn't get to the truth of the thing that then why are we talking about it because it's really hard to talk about and it's not a complete failure it's not offensive. It's not a breakdown it's just. Nobody watched that and was like oh yeah..

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