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In addition to the cost of those departments, it's an interesting spot for that budget. I guess it's kind of IT three million dollars for citywide hardware and software, refresh program that's ever been to DMV give them what they want. So, you know, this is this is an interesting article an ars Technica. This is let me put it this. Way of gone for quite a while on Baltimore ready. This Baltimore thing is not going away. There's gonna be a lot of precedent set here as far as who's responsible for cleanup who's responsible for payment of one of the interesting things that I've yet to see our here is anything about cyber liability insurance. So I don't know if they were unprepared in that department, and this is sort of last resort nothing about paying, so this is going to keep going. This is not going anywhere for a while still feel bad for the citizens of the of Baltimore. This has got to be tough. I mean, I hope you're not trying to travel in your driver's licenses gonna expire, right? You're kind kinda screwed. I hope you haven't been trying to buy a house. All right, next. Let's move on from ABC com, BBC news, BBC dot com. New Zealand budget, national party denies hacking treasury. So this is kind of juicy there's some key words in here that you may have not heard, or you may not have heard before one of them being. Witch-hunt. So apparently, I don't keep up with New Zealand politics, right? But there is there's some budgeting going on right now in the in the national government and supposedly the Nash pieces of the proposed new budget were leaked forty eight hours prior. And now one party is accusing another party of hacking the government in order to get this data. They're calling it a witch hunt because it's a cover up. I mean this is this, this is like drama. Where's the other thing they pointed out there were attacked the government systems where attacked two thousand times over forty eight hours. So that's all the detail we have on that. That sounds I mean I what are you calling an attack. Right. There's a lot of definitions that need to be happening here with this two thousand times forty eight hours. So if that's all if you can't handle two thousand attacks and I'm gonna include everything you're thinking of, in an attack, I- scanning just basic scanning everything a brute force. Like if you can't handle that in forty-eight hours, you got some problems. China owns your ass. All right. This one was written by I wanna give credit where credit is due. Do not see an author on this one, but, you know where to find the link to the website. Find the link in the show notes. Art next. This one is very long is very technical won't go into too much because we're already over time today. But this one is from, we live security dot com by e set to be honest. I don't read this blog a lot. But this calm I it's a dive into Turlough power shell usage. So Turla also known a snake is a hacking group in this talks about their use of power shell and finalists, malware and running in memory and it's, it's just it's pretty neat. There's just a lot here. I think this big time speaks to the ability for a happy hacking group to last a long time and shifts their TT's. Right. So you read, you write an Intel report, it's a living document. It keeps. Changing right, based on how the attacker chains. So I mean this goes for a while talking about w m my profile that PS one, how they're doing decryption, the PE loader the ams e bypass. I mean the payloads are the back doors. There's some pretty pictures in here. There's some great shots of the CLI in here in the code an RPC spoof server. I mean there's a lot in here. This is this is probably gonna take me today's to read just between work and life because it's pretty long, so kudos to, I'm gonna give kudos to we live security before reading it. Because this looks like they did a pretty damn good job. There's even some I o season here. Holy sh-. Nike's goodstuff. Oh. Even mitering attack framework, stuff mapping, directly to the ID numbers home. I got if this becomes the new standard, I would be in heaven. So lots of things to get excited about today. So once again, patch shit if you haven't patched, yet, for attorney blue. What are you doing? Go fix it. Right. Be going go. Have that, that's a tough conversation if you're low on the total, but go have that conversation. All right, folks. Lock on today. It's Wednesday, it's almost Friday, everybody have a wonderful day, and we'll talk again tomorrow. Don't forget to subscribe at I tunes Spotify Stitcher in tune in. You can also visit on Twitter at second the bio on Instagram at second and on Facebook. Guess where at second? The bio, you can also find us on Lincoln security on the bayou. Guess what else you can find on the internet at set on the buy dot com..

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