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With you. Our and ask him with us. Ben Livingston right now pulling double duty Jack Brisco Bruce in the shell Howard doing tonight. I never had a bad day. My life had a bad three hours on actually was longer than that. Because it was overtime on Sunday. It felt longer five. It was bad. And the eagles lost. And obviously we we all wanted to win. We understand that there's problems and there's issues and we talk about those. But it's a Dallas thinking Cowboys won that game. And they are not that good. I don't care. So so for Sunday for three hours in what was it thirty minutes? Whatever that football game was ninety nine -fensive place to watch that overrated. Dak Prescott tried. He tried to give the ball to the eagles over and over and over. I know it's just it's such a joke. Gosh, so many things that you complain about the officials. You can do a lot of things are just so many different. So many different parts of that. But other than that. Yeah. I'm great. Yeah. Well, look, I'm glad you're great. I'm not surprised you are because that's the we always start with. But the eagles aren't and we'll get to the Phillies move today. And what they're doing as we go throughout this hour. But let's start with the eagles. Howard the loss on Sunday effectively ended the season. I look I I know there are scenarios where they're alive in the wild card. It's basically over at this point. It's certainly basically over in the NFC's, but our two days later it's still frustrating because the Cowboys tried to give back the eagles did not play great. You said ninety nine place with the Cowboys eagles had a real chance to win that game. Right. The end they had a real chance to win that game. They didn't play great because the first half. They don't score any points defense up until the end they were guests think about the number of place, and we talked about before the show Corey green played all ninety nine ninety nine is. I think the most in NFL history, it has any one of them highest it, I think it's the most in NFL history. I think I heard that DNA. Nine snaps for Corey who can't run anymore. Okay. And racial Douglas was in for every one of them, and he still tried to make a play at the end. So Brad, I'm in Jenkins. But Michael Bennett, who's got a bad foot a day. I wasn't sure about that guy. He is a tough son of a gun. Yes. Every time. He walks off the field. I look at him when he comes off the field, and he's limping he's playing with a bad foot. Nat lace hard every play twice as many snaps this game as he did the week before Brandon Graham played I think like Eighty-three snaps or something like, I it's just it's unbelie so they had to be gassed. And that's that's part of the problem at the end. But regardless of all that the defense you gotta give him some credit for hanging in there. They held him. What was it nine at the half? Something like I give the defense a lot of credit because they're outmanned. I mean, they have guys out there. I mean, you watch some of the plays there that Amari Cooper is being covered by just someone not in his class. And you're not surprised they made some big place Dallas newest coming. It was a matter of time. Well, not with that Prescott. But the reality is they got a score got score in the first half and get a lead in could've changed officials. I talked to somebody in New York, and they admitted that that was a mistake. The eagles should've had the ball doesn't do any good. Now. It was a joke. It wasn't the official to game in New York in New York the guy head of officials now, what's it? Oh, I had his name this morning. I always forget it was dean blandino did do that job. I could find out what the name, but Reverend Al riverine. He is the he's the guy that made the decision because I I knew the I knew Clete what's his last name Blake Blake me. So we know to say alot enduring a time out the guys are nice enough. Once in a while if I have a question the the land of the question is plenty of time. They're just coming over to get a drink or whatever. And I said I said I was curious about they lose a challenge because there was a fumble says, yeah, they lost a challenge anytime because they didn't win the challenge. And that's the explained in the NFL, which is bogus with the NFL's. Putting out there? They yeah. They do was a fumble. So it's it's it's your responsibility to to not say that will we couldn't get a clear picture the eagles had the football. And that's the way it usually turns out Lewis standing there holding the ball. I love each weeded out the picture of a self phone the bond. What viciously some holding the ball? So anyway, so he told me I said did that decision made. At a New York. He says, yes, we assist, but it's made out of New York. So that's the guy that you gotta be. I think it's a conspiracy. I honestly think it's a conspiracy. Now dean blame Cowboys are against the eagle now for the Cowboys. Cowboys get big big television ratings big television game against the saints two weeks ago is one of the highest rated games in years. Okay. And I really think it's conspiracy three weeks in a row things went big things went for the Cowboys. Wait now, they're they're not gonna lose to Washington. Okay. 'cause Washington sucks, but the next week if Jalen what's Jalen Smith. Linebacker the helmet to helmet hit puts the saints in field goal range. So that's the difference in the game. And then less this play last week, the Dallas her thing was was a joke. But this play it changes the complexion of the game. Now, I'm not saying, that's the reason they lost. But the eagles will score one way or another on that first drive, and it changes the mentality of a frightened Dak Prescott. I think. Just but again, you can't blame the officials. They made a mistake. They now realize they made a mistake. They will not admitted publicly. But like I said I called somebody in New York, and they knew they made a mistake. So, but so there's so many different things you can look at. And that might have given the well I would have given the eagles points in the first half. You can look at the missed extra point the mistakes. Good point. I have a little issue with a missed extra point. And the the celebration in the end center getting a little out of control the the one on Sunday bother me from the eagles because they'd been getting shut down all day. They finally get in the end zone jump. You know, they sit down and they do their celebrate game deli. Okay. And and the Cowboys Kabyles issue they shouldn't have gotten involved. But what that does and think about this? And I'm looking at I'm trying to look at the play clock. And I'm looking at the play clock in the ficials. Don't wait for these guys to clear the field. They'll start to play clock for the extra point when the touchdown a well, not when the touchdown scored. But shortly there when they clean up the place. So now, I'm wondering and Jake would never admit this e would always Jake Elliott with take responsibility. But I'm looking at the clock. And I'm saying, okay, you've got to get it off. You've got to get it. Oh, you think he was rushed? I think in his mind. There's a clock running in his mind admitted it took so much time. You know, you have to get out there. You gotta get set. You gotta get mentally and physically ready, and I think it could have I'm not saying it did because he will never say that. But all that time it took them. You know, every time teams both all teams waving guys get off the field. Well that play clock starting. They're not gonna wait for you to get off to kick the extra point. So that extra point was important as well. So there's so many different things to look at some of them the eagles mistakes some of the eagles thinks it's not a mistake Deva celebrating. But it went on too long because I think a lot of the players said, okay, we scored and they were walking off. And then all Sean Jeffrey is really good guy. And I know it was great that he scored a touchdown waving the guys back to stop get off the field long time game wrong spot because some of that they had a lot of little things go against them in that game. The referees the Dallas Goddard interference ridiculous. I mean, I watched it a million times. There's no offense. It's a joke. I it's just a joke by they lost that game. How the Cowboys want? They lost. I don't believe the first play. The fumble is the reason they lost the game today in a million chance at sixty minutes of football more than that. And they they didn't win. I don't think that's the reason they lost a game. But it could have changed the mentality. I Greg the way you played. The game. It could have changes Carson Wentz to start. Backing if he gets an easy because he Howard the first half that game Carson was bad. He just wasn't good on. He wasn't. He wasn't good enough. No, no. He was he needed to play better from start to finish to win that game. And he didn't know many three and outs. And they only had I didn't realize until Mike grow said today, they only had seventeen offensive plays three and animals every possession now. Wow. That's unbelievable Howard. We I'm sure a lot of time will be spent as we move forward here in this off season time. My Carson the rest of the season, his accuracy and some throws. This year has been really off really off. Some throws have been really good. And sometimes have been really bad. Look. There was one up the silent early in the game to God. Or he just missed them. He had to throw out to the flat where he just missed the guy, and it's just alarming because you watch this guy and what he did last year. We know how good he can being. But this year has not been I don't know what the word is. Is it not consistent enough because I agree with what you said. Sometimes he puts a ball. All on perfectly. And you say there it is. There's Carson Wentz. And the sometimes you just misses three or four and you're like, how did he miss that guy? I and some some throws which receivers should catch. But they're a little behind. You're kind of reaching back as you're coming across the field. But all in all you look at his numbers. And you say, they're okay. His quarterback ratings. Okay. I don't I don't quite understand. Why some of the throws are like the short throws and the bouncing throws. And then sometimes it's just like being right on the money it, I just can't figure it out. But he's obviously not as good not. And they don't score as much mean. That's the bottom line. They just don't score as many points as last year. Now, it's just they don't score as many points and they don't score in the red zone offense or their third down offense. This week was one for nine last year. He was amazing. Like, I think he led the NFL quarterbacks in third and ten plus which are usually hospitable place to convert more than any other quarterback. They made it routinely and this year, they can't do it. Eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four that say you hop in our we'll get to a couple of phone calls. We will get through the John D Filipo news and. Thoughts on his potential return or just tell people to stop you pumping. The D Filipo breaks as he was fired by top put on the brakes. And I'll explain all right. Howard will explain that. And we will touch on the Phillies, and what they did today, and what could become and let's talk to Dave in Limerick. What's up, Dave? Hey, hey, guys. I love your show. I love to drive home so much better. Yeah. You're riding with the king. You're our this this whole thing..

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