Russia, Paul Manafort, Special Counsel discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Do you know to try to limit his exposure but dential legal liability in the event of any such interview after the president made those apparently offthecuff remarks tonight his lawyers thereafter had to russia with proverbial mops in buckets reminding every other lawyer in america why they did not volunteer to be donald trump's lawyer in the russia scandal quote ty cobb the white house lawyer leading the response to the russia investigation said after the president's remarks that mr trump was speaking hurry lee he said the arrangements were being worked out between mr muller's team and the president's personal lawyers mr cobb said the president was not trying to volunteer to testify before a grand jury which is how prosecutor speak to witnesses under oath the president tonight apparently thinking he was getting in some good shots at the press about them not remembering stuff about hillary clinton but in the process he did repeatedly publicly volunteer to testify under oath specifically before a grand jury in the russia investigation which is something oh so yeah that is one thing that happened just tonight that is amazing speaking of lawyering at about six o'clock eastern time tonight this was weird lawyers for trump campaign chairman paul manafort paul manafort currently facing multiple felony counts in the special counsel investigation paul manafort lawyers around 6 o'clock this evening appear to have mistakenly uploaded their own notes on manafort case to the public leave you will build bucket that the court maintains in this case now i can't overemphasize how we're this is i don't know a ton about federal criminal cases but i can tell just from following news stories like this that there there are a few different levels at which federal criminal proceedings happen and we the public have different degrees of visibility into those different types of proceedings so like you know sometimes self will get disgust in open court and we get visibility into those proceedings 'cause people can sit in court and take notes on what happens and reported out sometimes we even get a publiclyreleased transcript of what happened in a court proceeding right so sometimes stuff gets acted out but then there's the part of court proceedings that happens in.

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