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Brad Edwards was once not just once but was seventeen times over the researcher at the Heisman presentation, which means Brad Newsome information that he had to keep top secret. Brad. What is this? What is your history here with the Heisman trophies presentation? Yeah. Just to give people an idea of how this works behind the curtain, obviously. When the winner is announced there's a speech, and then Chris Fowler comes on and deliver some information about the voting you see a breakdown in Fowler seems to know a whole lot about it, which is unusual for a guy who just learned like everyone else who won. Well, the reason he did or he does know that is because someone gives him a card with that information. And and that was my job. And so what happens is when the when the show first comes on the air a few minutes in Representative from Deloitte, which is the accounting firm, which tabulates the Heisman votes comes into the truck. The production truck where they build the graphics and at a certain point, maybe about fifteen minutes in we're given permission to look at the results and start building whatever the pertinent graphics are that we need for the end of the show, and at that point, no one is allowed to leave the truck because everyone inside that truck knows who won except one person has to leave because someone's gotta go give Fowler that information that was my job. And so I would write this information on. The cards, and then I would leave the truck go inside the theater, actually when I first started doing it. It was at the downtown athletic club. It went back that far. And so I would go in and for a moment for a few minutes. I was the only person in that building outside of a few employees have Deloitte who knew who the Heisman winner was. And then at some point in that in that break right around the time that the the guy goes up to open the envelope. I would give the cards to Fowler. And he would know as well. But it was pretty cool. Like you go in there. And and you know, you're one of maybe like five or six people in the world who know who the winner most years. Everybody knows who the winner is even when it's not official. But every now, and then there's one like we have this year where there's drama, and it feels pretty cool to be on the inside couple of questions here as follow ups to that story. Brad who is the researcher tonight. And do you have is number. That is a good question. I'm not sure I'm not sure who it is today. I did not laugh. I mean, I'm serious. I am. I want wanna break this news ESPN radio scooping ESPN TV that would be. Yeah. I if I'm not even sure they do it the same way that it's the same, you know, same protocol. Is it always has been? I'm thinking about the movie the sting where they got the horse race results just to beat earlier than they read them. So that they were able to fix bets in their off track betting. I'm just wondering Brad if you had any way to maybe call somebody between the truck and the stage or have like a signal like, okay. If I have three fingers up is this guy in one finger up is that guy. I mean, it was that even possible to happen that you would never do that. But my mind, I'm thinking this information can make you rich. If you don't get caught any anyone who would accept more than like, a fifty dollar bet on something like this. At this stage of the game is just stupid. And I wouldn't think they would've. Stayed in business this long if they stuff like that. So you're you're saying I need to learn more about gambling. Whereas I mean, I guess so I don't know ton about it. But I would I would think that something like this voted on like the closer, you get the more and more people are going to know who won. Let's also say that it's a good thing that there was no Twitter really back then because Brad really could have gotten in trouble. He can't stay off that it's college game day Heisman special on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Hey quickly. We're gonna take a break here about ninety seconds. Both you guys. I think collar Murray should win because I think he had he into a were both elite from an efficiency standpoint. But I think because he did it over so many more plays. And I realized it wasn't his fault that he didn't get more plays. It was because his team was that much more complete. But because of the total body of work, given the. The the volume of plays. I I would I would go with calamari the bread. I wonder how many of the nine hundred some voters even know that that's what I worry about. I kind Marie should win collar Marie will win. And I'm I'm a little concerned about published reports the ten percent or so of the votes were submitted before the championship games. Let let's let's just say ninety percent of those ten percent go to to us who is in catch up mode. And then you look at geographically will Cuyler maybe split with Dwayne and some of those regions. We'll see again, it's northeast southwest south mid Atlantic midwest and far.

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