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Is five zero three six to nausea. Yeah i've got a good amount of advice from all of it. So far Everyone's young me so everyone's still learning so. I like the like young environment. Like we're all learning working together. So yeah right on. Jv bickerstaff can't stand him. Your coach lot. We know where longtime richard longer than me. But i i. I was a rookie. So i'm an old man. I'm forty one. I met when i was getting ready for the draft. That's that's how long i've known him. He's a great coach. Van puts in the time the word the best part about j. b. and i think you'll really you you can talk to them about anything right. Anything his wife nicky. He's got kids like he's one of those guys that you know if you're like. Hey coach i'm trying to figure out you know food or i don't know where to go hear anything that you need even off the court. He's one of those guys that you can like coach. I didn't really like playing the center. Or i get to stiff when i come out there all of that stuff. Don't be afraid to communicate with your coach man and jb's a great person for that he. He's he's a great coach so for He's definitely been telling me that I'm just getting used to everything. So i definitely come to talk but mof five years old us to real quick. Have you gone to brown's kenya through this weekend. i'm not sure who they play. But go out there see she was listening to bringing you on the field that you know. What are you doing. Are they being the sweet and watch it up there. So yeah okay okay. When you gotta throughout the pitch i would just say practice practice and then jennings experienced who was a tornado warning if literally i joe surgery afterwards when i tell you it was one of the worst dr top ten. I gotta looked at a hell. Shit taller you channing. Jenning simple yours. Can you give all. I knew a backflip. Some pancake i can flip of re-bottled. I could do that. I can can. Can you still do a backflip. Yea again but last duquesne but looking around the room like how can i get this way. What's our what's our spot called. What's our spot card in. Cleveland that we go to all time. Cleveland arm no dover dovers. Great place got graceful..

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