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Seemed that way, but I'm innocent Renaissance's the fallout from the interview was damaging for Venda Veld, many people who saw the news that night say it made him, look guilty. He seemed tired and look down at the ground when he spoke his words, I never heard her struck people as odd there was and still his much discussion of. Whether the press at the moment without breaking any rules. Nevertheless, went too far crossing the line of fairness. But what the police do know is that one person who watched the news that night, phone them stunned? At what she saw the woman who had seen Jovan walking on college street at around nine twenty five on the night of the stabbing saw Vandevelde on television and started shaking. I got chills. She said, I didn't know Vandevelde I go home and turn on the news. And I see him this guy talking to reporters. He was blonde with glasses. I could not believe what I saw I went back to my notes and saw the description. I wrote that I saw a blonde man with glasses, the man. She claims she saw walking behind Jovan near Phelps gate, the night of the murder, so closely resembled Vanda Velz image on television that she believes it was him that this is a crucial element of the police case against Vandevelde. A tentative I- dentist Asian that could be highly biased by the television news context in which it was made. It is obviously not enough for an arrest in response to the claims of this witness David, Greg Berg says, flatly it was not Jim. I miss everything about Suzanne says, Rebecca Jovan who is in the middle of her freshman year at college when her sister was killed when she left for college. I cried for weeks on end. I feel the same way now. But now I know this perations permanent. She says, I often think about the way in which Suzanne died and the questions that will never be answered. And that really traumatizes me I cannot deal with that at all. I just have to let it pass when it comes to my mind, Suzanne Jovan family has said, little publicly about the investigation into where death indeed her parents spoke Vanity Fair with deep reluctance, and then only clarify aspects of their daughters. Life that they thought were important understand for us. Their remains a void in our life, that can never be filled. Thomas and Donna Jovan say the Jovan not mentioned Vandevelde name public. But an anguished letter from Donna Jovan, though was published in Connecticut. Newspapers on April fourteenth seemed to many to be directed at Vandevelde smother I personally appeal in this open letter to the mother of Susan's killer, assuming that she resides in the greater New Haven area. She wrote as a moral and rational human being, you will not be able to live with yourself. If you withhold knowledge or suspicion of your son's complicity come forward to the police talk to them, demand that your son tell the truth lowest, Vandevelde says a friend saw the letter but she didn't read the whole thing. She is trying to keep on with her life. This has been awful for her. Ever since he. Oh, cancelled van Velde's courses for the spring term last January claiming that it would be a distraction to students to have a murder suspect in the classroom. He has had little to do other than focus on the horror of being the chief suspect in a savage killing he insists he didn't commit. His friends who believe in his innocence say that Vandevelde is beyond desperate at this point. Jim has got to be formally absolved or else, his life will forever be under the cloud says kin spits barred James Thomas dean of admissions at Yale Law. School says this guy has been ruined suppose. It turns out some vagabond it, Jim can never get back. What he lost to get a search warrant or an arrest warrant on officer must present relevant facts under oath before a judge that has not been done says, David, Greg Burke to brand someone a suspect all you have to do is pick up the phone and call the local newspaper. There's something very wrong without when the potential consequence is the destruction of someone's life by graduation day may twenty fourth. The police posters of Jovan that had been tacked to the trees of old. Old campus had long since been torn by the wind or rip down. All the pride and pomp and glory of yells, two hundred ninety eight year. History was on display that day as the one thousand three hundred sixty one members of Joe wtn's class paraded in their Black Caps and gowns across the New Haven, green through Phelps gate and into old campus looking exhausted and somewhat hungover. They stopped imposed for their proud parents who are standing with cameras on the sidelines as degrees were conferred a loud. Roar filled the old campus, courtyard as Jovan classmates rose from their seats and cheered Suzanne Jovan was on many people's mind that day in the smaller ceremony at Devonport after the main commencement yell convert a degree on Jovan. She graduated cum laude with distinction and both her majors her classmates had placed a slab of. Blackstone, as a memorial to her in Davenport smaller courtyard nestled in a flower bed under Linden, and Dogwood. It reads Suzanne in Jovan in loving memory, January twenty six nineteen seventy seven to December fourth nineteen ninety eight the candle that students had placed on the stone had been extinguished by the rain that poured down on graduation day, a torrent that also drenched the bouquets of flowers and alone, rose still says a friend, it was as though Susan was there in the months since the murder says, one woman who graduated that day a lot of us would wake up in the morning saying today. Maybe we'll find out that so and so killed Suzanne. And then we realized that we might not know before we leave yell now, we might never know. All right. Well, that's all we've got for you. But as always we wanna talk about farside cares in like I said last week because of pride month. We want to talk about a foundation that I think does really great work. And we really think that you should look up and try to do something for him, whether that's volunteer or donate whatever you can do. I think it's a really great cause. So in honor of pride month as I said before we'd like to talk about Pride Foundation.

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