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Does a good job on that play. There was a good throw that time to Rashard Higgins. On the sidelines. But there's no four South anymore. That time he just got knocked out. By Eric Harrison. Get inbounds now the rain coming down. As they hand it off on the right. He's taken down at 25 for no. Big time. Hankins Hankins just clogging things up. Not to center, Jacey tread about three yards in the backfield and make tackles that he made to play. There's some snowflakes in this rain right now. A little mix little mixture. We had the wintry mix Chris. That's a wintry mix. Blowing off Lake eerie right down. More for you to go before halftime tied three big flakes. Third intended their own 25 Mayfield out of the shotgun, takes the stand of the Raiders jump. They're they're pointing at the offense. Officer 71 penalty rookie Kedrick will's again no doubt. He didn't move first, and Max Crosby jumped across the line getting after it. It's kind of a good down for Now it's way more than just a wintry mix. It's just a flat out. Snowfall right now. Don't I love to talk about this ghetto Classic battle? Yeah. You see those big Rain ponchos on each style orange for the Browns, the blacks for the Raiders a field to try and set up a screen and complete trying to get it to Auntie Janet. Bitch. Abram broke it up. And now the Browns will have to punt it away. That was a bad Siri's by the brown. Ah, bad Siri's, You know that included in all sides by the left tackle. Now, Jamie Killer. Out of Inverness, Scotland in Scottish weather gotten into this fierce wind, right left footed pointer. Red Crow is back at his own 40. Takes the snap, low line drive spiraling ticket. He got wind. Renfro's gonna catch it over his shoulder to 25 goes up the numbers on the right across the 30 And then he smothered at 33. I was 55 yard punt. We just caught a little wind behind it went from a Renfro returned to eight yards. I want one Scottish under this kind of weapon. We'll take a time out for 02 to go in the second quarter. Browns and Raiders tied at three will have Lauren Actually Cos media networks this NFL The NFL on one or 2.5 boat Pass kick. Listen, repeat. Listen to the NFL on the bone. Now go long NFL on 102.5 Bone one or 2.5 phone app now to listen to the most recent episode of Soul brother Kevin Show replays 24 7. So you have no excuse to miss anything. The 102.5 the bone real raw radio..

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