Cova, Dr Klein, Pfizer discussed on Tom Roten Morning Show


Though there are some who have had very very adverse reactions these are extremely rare and then of course cova can rarely produce in a young person the same the same type of ill effects so so i think you really balancing risk for a very young. I think the older you get more vulnerably everything. It's really easy call. But i think we do have to understand that these reports of of Injury from the vaccines are are extremely uncommon for pfizer we they've given out over two hundred billion doses. We've had three hundred fifty million People over three hundred fifty million doses of vaccine administered the ad state and if there were if there were serious problems that were coming we would we would. We would understand that. I mean we would know that better. So i'm not saying it never happened but it's unusual so for the fully vaccinated Everybody from the president to the various governors were encouraging it to the point where they would. Hey you get fully vaccinated. You don't have to wear the mask you get fully vaccinated. You can spend time with your grandkids now. But now they're coming back. Dr klein and say well You might wanna social distance. You might want to wear a mask You may not want to go to that. That big party. So which is it my view. I think if you're fully vaccinated. I think we can go on with our lives. I i don't. I think this has been really mismanaged and i think it's we're we're really we're at a point on from other rationality were you. We're we're saying that these teams almost eight are almost perfect at preventing serious illness. Very very rare to get a serious infection We're saying that you can occasionally break for infections. But you don't get sick vaccines readily available for everybody. We're saying breakthrough infections are rare. But then they're telling people to cover their faces which aren't good there. There hasn't been good day day on in the first place. But obviously if breakthrough infractions are rare there's gonna be a little limited impact if any from from covering your faith and i think that's been true throughout the epidemic. In fact in the letter that i mentioned in england journal three out of the four people contract cove. It you know again not getting sick. Got infected from family members who were unvaccinated vaccinating. So i think. I think that's the larger point. Is that if if these face covering drew. Let's say they work. You'd have to wear them all the time even around all your family..

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