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That. Were you know six nine months out from a big time slowdown? So Nick Alter Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal. May I ask you a restaurant question? Even though that was the that was not the main impetus today because when when you go back to the beginning of this whole covid nineteen winter. We talked a lot about on air about okay could restaurants. You know how many restaurants could survivor be willing to be Excited about the idea of are you can. You can open up at fifty percent capacity. There's going to have to be more room Between tables or whether you sit people etcetera etcetera and a few e-mailers. I got from the restaurant. Business said well. That's not a winning proposition for a lot of restaurants. That just won't work. It sounds good as a compromise. But it's just not realistic in terms of staying afloat. Now we're closer to what appears to be something in that regard happening here fairly soon. We think what are you hearing that from that standpoint can restaurants? Are they willing at this point to say yeah? We'll take fifty percent that's better than nothing or is that still losing proposition for most of them. You know it's hard to say how many there's certainly going to be a cut of restaurants that just they need their. They're sort of Business Navy predicated more people. You know logging sometime when they're drinking beer drinking cocktails and you know if you cut that in half you know. The alcohol is such a such a big profit driver the fluid. They don't make they don't make a lot of the food they really make the hall. And so if you're if you're more reliant delivery service and not as much you know. Time of people sitting in their drinking I think it hurts a lot of them. You know the places like revival and Pizzeria Lola on some of these really popular places from food. I mean they're doing great. They're doing great takeout business right now but you know for those restaurants that maybe aren't quite known for their but more for their their atmosphere and their in their in their drinks and maybe teams or whatever. It might be that. I think they're having a harder time. Thanks for the time we appreciate it. Interesting piece will will Keep in touch thing. Plays out absolutely always a pleasure. Nick Halter Minneapolis. Saint Paul Business Journal. There was Wasn't there also a sign of controversy involving target center and Target Field? That was another point. It wasn't there some sinus issue there on the side of targets center. I thought wasn't it was the medical outfit. Wasn't it Sam Sanford? What that another one day. There was an for does happen. The sinus stuff to me. I would think seems to have the the greatest resonance a sniper. Yeah that's thin I I don't. I don't know I mean I got you're in the city. There's gotTa be other building. I mean I don't think you know an Oswald like moment. I. I'm not downplaying. How horrible that would be but I just. I don't know that that's GONNA necessarily work. The science part I get I guess. A little bit by hysterically aesthetics of will just doesn't sort of fit. Yeah there I that's even. That's even thinner than the sniper to me think. This is the way. Nick brought it up. I think this is at the the back end of it here if you think about it. Got TARGET FIELD AND TARGETS CENTER. And then you just look over left field and all of a sudden. There's this big Amazon just bearing down on you to me. That would be funny. I know it's gotTA BE ANNOYING. Hell of the twins and the wolves and target. Obviously but that to me that I think it's humorous but it's not it's not like I don't even yeah and again depending on distance I I don't know what would dictate that sort of thing. So we'll see we'll keep an eye on it. That's the first I'd heard of the Of the story and it Juicy because we liked the controversy and of course we always like the negativity as well. We'll pause here. I've got a Michael Jordan question for you unrelated to anything that we've discussed to this point about that particular. Espn project a couple of fascinating emails of come in from apparently Doctors who will set a straight on exactly. Why indeed masks actually do more harm then good and if we adjust bothered to do a little research on Google like Tony? Did we'd all understand. Thank God we have him here. Fat One of the Subplots of the big dance or the last dance. I guess I should say. Is that if you take another look at Michael? Jordan's Ron is becoming That becoming.

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