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Made of? I probably scalable very thin. I don't know. Is it a shape thing because if you urge Koenig Sega you know windshield is soon coming by the way that the super supercar argument in that category over thoughts the game. It's so crazy I if you need to foster call them that then go and sign up for NASA. I went took it to an open track day. And there's a guy there and and He has a seven in two thousand coupe and he'd be like track car and he's got sticky tires for it took off the ceramic brakes that he put like the Super Race Ray best dose race pads on it and whatever the the GT three kit whatever it is and he he If in in in one sentence he goes dude you gotTa try seven twenty with a tune. It's an extra hundred and ten horsepower. It's crazy and then he goes. What motive driving in Lake Dynamic and I go? No you know full off dude everything off. It's way more funding goes. Oh you're completely out of your mind. So in one in one thought he was like the hundred ten horse power is what really makes the difference. But don't turn trash control which CNET takes away. Yeah I am. I've got a I've got a little one M I'm using a lot of the moment thousand miles. Those are fun. Go to go to a little bit of a chewing on it. So it has about four hundred horsepower. he's got a nice exhaust again. It's the right size of car. It every talking I get into a feel good. It doesn't make a statement. I don't think those that know what it is. Know what it is those. That don't don't i. I'm that's the that's the site of our world's on really into it the moment not looking at. I'm not looking at new car reviews so I do watch other people's videos and I do do I read. I don't watch. I tried to stay abreast of it all but I just see I've got another you know I've given another superclub I just couldn't give a shit and I realized that I'm becoming out of touch a bit when the other day someone and show me a picture of a of a car. I didn't know what it was. That's the first time that's happened to me in my adult life. I think I I. It was some kind of hypochondria we'd name but I wasn't abreast of it because it just couldn't give a shit. Yeah I completely understand. I think I think used 'em threes F F F. ATM threes C. Sixty. Three's he's all all the US tackle from five years ago. I just love all that. That's his while you're in town you know it's exactly right up your alley there. There was a story that came out a week ago. There's five thousand C seven corvette sitting on dealer lots right now on sold five thousand everyone. They're just sitting in there because everyone seems to be taught me through the corvette. Then this is the last front once people see the need the mid engine and the flash are going by the old woman. Yeah I just think it looks. It looks more angles of Mondiale.

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