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While you're looking that up, I'll go on to Tony Gosselin for 45 bucks and Carlos Correa is valued at 14. So one of the things that definitely came up as I was talking with wells, he really wanted Carlos Correa offices roster. He definitely accomplished that. I think it's interesting that it went to raw because rob is ros trying to offload a lot of product right now. So it was another, it's another player for rob probably to offload it because I can't see him keeping Carlos Correa unless he sells Lindor and a couple other pieces. So I'm kind of curious to see if rob gets stuck with Correa. Gosselin, let's just kind of look at it from Gosselin for 45 bucks. I was a little surprised, but if you give Tony Gosselin another 30 innings at the same rate, that is performing at. I can kind of get on board with the 45. I thought it was a slight overpayment. I don't think he's going to go 16 in one, though. But I do actually think that he is room for improvement in a strikeout rate. So. It's kind of an overpayment, but like when we look back a year from now I can see where people are like, yeah, that makes sense because Tony Gosselin is not particularly old and I've always liked Tony Gosselin. This really just been a matter of health for him. So, you know, an overpayment and someone who really wanted to get Carlos Correa of the roster for whatever reason and I'm not a big Carlos Correa guy myself in fantasy. But I thought it was a great deal for rob. Yeah, Carlos Correa for music guy. I would draft, but I wouldn't trade for. Right. You know, it kind of got you expect to see on draft day and I like them. You never quite going to get, but, you know, on the, if you're drafting at that position, I feel like you're going to get value, but the health thing is definitely something to consider. I agree, over payment, I think you're paying for last year's version of Godzilla and like you said, he's not going to go 16 and one again. I've liked him in the past. He would same thing. Is he going to get the innings as he can stay healthy? We'll see what rocks. We'll see what happens with Troy. I mean, he could get dealt again. That's a total price. But it would have to be somebody looking to really have that sort of Tetris in their lineup, and they're getting to the last day of before keepers get submitted to you for some reason they have $14 disparities. You're worth pumping into your roster, but Carlos Correa has Adam whitner Jack beta written all over him. For my vantage point, I could see that. What was Joe Musgrave, by the way? Did you find it? Yeah, he's 30. Let's get those Pittsburgh days. And Houston days, I mean, because I was limited to Houston when he was a hot prospect coming up. So it's weird. I remember when Jay Bruce retired and I'm like, Jay Bruce, that's just a fucking prospect. Perpetual prospect. And that's kind of a joke must be like same with James and ty and I consider Jameson time like a 22 year old hot shot and that gets old enough to also 30. Yep. Old enough to probably have towels on his Christmas list. So and he probably has a whole set. So let's move on to the next one. And this one was to the of the entire league when it went down, but hopefully some of the context I provided made it make more sense. And I do want to talk about this straight up link because I could see this trade becoming in Vogue sort of thing for a song. For some types of particularly pictures, but what were your what were your thoughts on Alec minoa returning to Jack a taglia in exchange for Riley green? So can you provide that context again for me and for our listeners across the whole thing? Let me scroll up and I'll read so basically what happened was and this was it was really funny because Jack actually did reach out when this trade was going down last July and I believe I was actually in Greece with COVID at the time. And I remember reading this text and I was like, you're going to do what? No, don't do a lone deal. 'cause I really don't. Anytime there's a loan discussed in the baseball league, I get a little antsy because it kind of you kind of get conclusion vibes from it, which I would never put on VJ Jack in this situation, but basically what the deal was was, Vijay, traded. Riley green and $25 to Jack in exchange for alak manoa as well as Alex Cobb, I believe. And then the agreement was. So Jack got like the $25 straight up. So like it's kind of been reverse, like rather than him getting 25. Now he got 25 then. And then they agreed that they would trade Riley green back in exchange for Alec manoa. Regardless of what happened the rest of the season in the off season. I told them, because like a handshake agreement or a gentleman's agreement, I can't enforce the terms of the deal. So if one of them fucked the other one over, that that's how that would work out. But if you really

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