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Sophomore. That is a five minute delay agree that direction going expect stop traffic back from Elgin Street. There are also okay Terri Tickle Kissinger's dot com 24 hour Traffic center Tropical Storm Zetas forecast ahead towards Louisiana to the middle portion of the upcoming week We'll see a lot of clouds wrapping up the weekend of the Sunday of the high of 78. A few showers may pop up late tonight. The low 67 he ran to just move in well in early tomorrow. Then cloudy with Hyde. You're 80 and a mix of clouds and sunshine Tuesday with behind the low eighties I'm meteorologist Jeff Mar from the Weather Channel. It's cloudy out there 76 on the island. 67 in the Woodlands, 75 in sugar land in 72 degrees at the Our age. Top tax defenders 24 hour Weather Center Katie R. H News time is 101 Our top story Today There was a plane crash near Patent Village That's northeast of the Woodlands in Montgomery County. The single engine fixed wing aircraft crashed in a neighbourhood. Two people on board were killed. The Federal Aviation Administration is in route to the scene and will lead the investigation. Importer Also in Montgomery County, three year old is dead after picking up a drop gun and shooting himself in the chest yesterday afternoon during a child's birthday party. Tropical Storm Zeta is expected to come to the tech make that the Gulf Coast this week Tropical Storm Zeta now spinning off the coast of Mexico. We're going to see possibly another hurricane is we're still moving through hurricane season, even though we're getting closer and closer to some winter like temperatures across the middle of the country, currently a tropical storm this is going to run up into the Gulf of Mexico. The water still warm climbing up to a category one hurricane. What are we talking about? For arrival with this potential system? There's time for this to shift a little October, the West a little up towards the East. Zeta is the only second time in history that there have been named 27 storms in one year. Landfall is expected somewhere between Lafayette, Louisiana in Pensacola, Florida around Wednesday. Former vice President Joe Biden continues to say the investigation on his family is a disinformation campaign despite.

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