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And so there are Republican lawmakers who their base wants them to vote against anything ObamaCare elated, and they're Democrats who obviously they want their politicians to go. Very hard for that. So it's really key. Moderate Republicans are the ones that are gonna make or break it. What about the debate over work requirements for Medicaid, the sense that if you if you benefit for Medicaid, you either need to be working seeking work or having some kind of community contribution to remain qualified? There was a ruling this week from federal judge that blocks Medicaid work requirements in Kentucky and Arkansas Kansas as I understand it does not have a work requirement. But one of its former governors Jeff Collier said he'd support one. What is your sense of say the cans and congressional delegation? What did they think about work requirement? I would say rhetorically in Kansas, the work requirement issue or or rather this issue of giving Medicaid to able bodied adults that has been a very powerful rhetorical comment against Medicaid expansion from Republicans at the state level as far as the congressional delegation. A one thing I'll point out to point out is the. Moran took as his guests to the state of the union, Kansas house majority leader, Dan Hawkins who has been the most outspoken opponent of Medicaid expansion in Kansas. And who who confirmed that he spoke with the Senator about that other than other than cherise? David's. I don't think you have any member of the the congressional delegation, speaking out with with governor Kelley on this. She obviously congresswoman David supports a governor Kelley on this. She also talked about the so called Kansas experiment, governor Kelley did with very drastic tax cuts. I wonder if they are any lessons we can learn from that as it relates to her relationship with Republicans Republicans relationship to tax policy. It must've gotten really dire in Kansas for Republicans to say, let's raise taxes. Oh, it was. I mean, this was you got to understand that this was years. This was years of budget shortfall so too. To to give you to give you a picture of Asli in twenty twelve the legislature drastically cut taxes eliminated. Income tax for the owners of most businesses sharply reduce rates across the board. And it was promised that this was going to spur real economic growth that this wouldn't harm the state's fiscal outlook the week after Sam Brownback was reelected governor. It turns out the states facing a budget hole. That's when it's that's when that comes out when the the state's budget director announces we're facing a budget hole. So sharp cuts had to be made that session there had to be sales tax rates that Brownback had two signed into law himself just to keep the state of float couple months. Go by facing another budget hole, and that cycle repeated year after year after year until the point where you had majorities of in the legislature, which was a heavily Republican legislature. Override the governor override Brownback, obviously governor Kelley was part of that coalition, but I should note that the speaker of the Kansas house, the Dan Hawkins who I mentioned earlier who's now those guys voted to override Brownback because it was the only way to basically keep the lights on in the state, and it allowed governor Kelley to then enter office with a surplus, and that's actually been a really interesting dynamic..

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