Palm Beach Post, Walmart, FBI discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The area and he has frenzy his that have kids they go to the school and he just sent me a horrific video from inside the here where somebody is laying on the ground literally in a puddle of blood so we know that what they're saying is the person of interest has been identified they believe i guess that it is a student here's what we know uh apparently the a freshman was quoted as saying in one of the news reports the palm beach post as posting uh that a freshman said the fire alarm went off about thirty eastern time doesn't that sound like gunshots he asked the teacher two minutes later the school was being evacuated he said they were rushed out moved to the nearby walmart and this the school was on the southwest hillsborough boulevard near the sawgrass expressway i'm saying that from local people that may be listening now coral springs police say it is an active shooter situation even still and if you're in touch with your student he asked that they remain calm and bear eric hated until police come into their room this is for everyone safety police tweeting out in their official account of florida governor rick scott tweeted that he has spoken to the broward county sheriff he's monitoring the situation the fbi is on the scene at we're told in another report that the shooter may of escaped in some way there are reports as many as thirty injured now uh from the school shooting again it's parkland high school and broward county and deputies and i can still see from my own observation the different shots that we have in terms of uh not the different views that we have from differing tv networks is that students are still being evacuated still running but pretty calm in some instances the told the drop their backpacks and they've been sitting on a grass iit don't know the exact location of at others say that it looks like it's across the street and download block from the school but they're all being told to put their hands up in the air as they are running and they are obviously complying uh this video was unbelievable anywhere they're working on this caught coral springs police now they have tweeted out avoid the area of douglas high school active police seen the not call nine one one.

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