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Jerk off yeah the key to hit right yeah that's ahead that was special thank you're welcome I'm gonna write you a song for him are you gave me a great idea my birthday seventy seven five seven I want to do five eight hundred seven seven one what if I did a lot of what you want what do I want yes I said I get I got a question for you do will cause I know you come from the same era a little wine guide that will songs for everybody is all I see on the back of the label I know he never took credit for a little song the GM you know the wrote those songs we took credit for a and you also add Neil Diamond it will charge for everybody before he decided to sing them sell right really can't quite the performer for prolific he was quite the performance Neil Diamond once a year I went to a few of the shows right he he he can certainly follow up but he was a former you should if you flaming arrows at chili's meal dog is a crew you had about the same thing Neil Diamond stocks I would say that for you whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we're on the same page brother I feel yeah all because it the kind of raise your hand about to get on a bucking Bronco or things to do his.

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