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Good things to want and better things to experience but as we age time usually moderates these sorts of desires watching titanic they all come roaring back and so cares if the dialogue is stilted in cameras typical style or that some of the most iconic scenes particularly those taking place on the proud of the ship are easy to parody if they were subtler or more understated they wouldn't be fantasy titanic liens hard into its dreams and for my money succeeds i watched it for the first time at age thirty four but i felt fourteen again so she didn't actually have the 14yearold experience with titanic but i know someone who did my daughter sophie close enough any way she's a few months away from her fourteen th birthday i was determined josh if i was going to commit to this rewatta of james cameron's 97 bestpicture winner box office juggernaut i was not going to go down with the ship alone i listed her she was willing especially because in this gets right to wilkinson's point she had never seen it but was still so familiar with those iconic scenes that her siblings in her cousins have done many parody videos over the years so she was ready and she was eager to watch the movie and she lasted one hour and forty seven minutes and the one hour authorities have art i'm try to them are well that's when the ship starts to go down okay there there's no turning back from there it's going to sink and we know for certain that we're going to spend the next ninety minutes watching 1500 or so people die she asked me can i leave she just really didn't want to experience that and i couldn't really blame or its way i kind of dreaded watching the movie again as well but about twenty minutes later she came back into the room this time she had her phone with her i think it was just a little bit of a sheet or worry honey many deaths are still coming i did not i just letter set and i saw her sneaking a bunch of peaks of the tv while she was busy snapchat ing and texting her friends and i was okay with that she was discreet enough about it and i really wasn't sure.

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