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Guy who's and any particular. Kevin honey was on the coal and he's done a ton of really interesting thinking and speaking about solid over the years. And some of which i've seen which i haven't seen and so they say i thought okay i'm going to go with this and then again. It wasn't my deadline to come up with these things for this and then someone contacted me about speaking conference and i said yes. I'm gonna talk about keep it so now that means Don't have the money to flesh out wartime main right. Why chinese each as is five things now spent an hour on it now. Yeah exactly now again to expand on the ideas and before we tell us what the acronym is. I'm looking on your blog and at the last thing you say in this the back story you say i will outline them in the next article. But i don't see the next article have you because the lease things reality runs away with me. I am very much. Douglas adams school deadlines i loved. End lines noise. They make so. Does it exist anywhere on the internet. Besides in this show. I presented cupid as an overview a couple of competences now so jack was one and then kroft in hungary or virtual hundred recently was the was the second one roku go into a bit more detail so they all out that in the in the youtube is fair as it were about halfway through writing the article. Might my plan. Is this on this. Possibly exclusive said disneyworld plan is on. I'm writing the review article sauce on the backstory optical. Size i hated. I'll see you pay his. And then my plan is to do a deep dive so bay i see ultimately you all take on site will then. The plan is to turn that until it will. Sort of. Continue on with your definitions. So we'll keep it and keeping this is well before we get to keep it one moment of bit of foundation. Which is this is. I was looking at the principles. And i don't think principles all the way i would describe software interesting so i wanted something else and the very deliberately. I wanted to describe characteristics of software that make it a joy to work tom coming from a human perspective from a development perspective. I'm looking at code. I've been really lucky. In my thirty odd years i've worked in Genuinely joyful to work and you've got an and you know where things you know how to find south someone you're trying to fix a ballgame unfamiliar Obvious where it is obvious where it is obvious when he fixed. And it'll be of how to fix in a way that is sympathetic with the rest of the stuff that had because he's so consistent and so easy to read in soviet it's like it's like going into someone else's tidy rope you wanna leave at the kent back on a broken windows thing if you always leave the titans toddy. So i didn't want didn't want principles which rules for you. To follow suggestions to was properties characteristics properties on the other appropriate It's like you can be more of this thing or lessons this thing. It's not exclusive you roam you know the issue did some work. You could make a choice in a trade off. We could walk. I could do vegetables. I'm making it more of this thing of oregon so the five things on a five things all it will come as no surprise very interrelated things gemini l. cpi succeed compatible Things i will code the can use without the cud okay. It's really simple request but lots and lots of layers to compose. api's tend to have less going on the narrow in their opinionated consistent of that stuff that makes much more likely to something like that Something this big in sperling in doublets different prices especially somebody else's code has an intent. Does a particular thing is like. I need to do this thing. Therefore i want. Somebody's already done the work to do it. I'll use that. But i now i'm looking for it to be opinionated. Be focused to do things for me. Yeah and then of course complaining so but it also talks about the how i get coaching so to use your narrow opinionated into fights but it has tons and tons of dependencies loss transitive dependencies imposing half of a dot net May even a thousands of jal files. Then i'm lessing. I am less inclined to want to just pull of that white into my into my advice into my own build. But also there's a huge amount of surface area Accidental complexity accidental conflicts and incompatibilities and one of the very first like so things i a right was thing about ej base unified in the happy happy happy microsoft weld and never came across java beans on we. We all received a cautionary tale to others right. I actually got thrown into the co. Throw into the oven by the witch..

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