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And so the results played out the way they were well we've had some ownership meetings going on in dallas the last couple of days and you could imagine this was a topic that came up and gave roger goodell a chance to speak glowingly about his relationship with jerry jones my relationship he rejoined he's been great i we we don't always agree and i'm not a paid to agree and he's now pay degree to his me i think that's again with the strength of our leakers and so as a league we're stronger when thirty two teams are together we have our differences but we work together to try to solve those differences and address them in a way that we think is going to be responsible i think we've done it first and last michael gene yeah that's all a fancy way as saying yeah we realized that was ugly navy do the same thing we're doing and try and put that behind us for now because i'm gonna be here for a wild cash in these checks get used to it and that's fine and at the interesting portion of this has beaten for me is always been what happens now because jerry jones tried and failed to unseat roger goodell he tried and failed to some extent now we understand the structure of roger goodell 's contract almost eighty five percent made up of escalators and bonuses that will kick in based off of what roger goodell was able to accomplish as the commissioner the nfl going forward and so some of that may have been deemed successful four jerry jones but now it's trying to figure out okay how do we effect is going forward because the one thing that's going to keep popping up in is as an issue is the amount of power roger goodell has that was something with jerry jones called into question and in light of what's happened recently as far as player punishment whether goes back to what happened zeke you'll elliot whether goes back to player discipline issues that we've seen pop up in recent weeks with what's gone on with rob drunk housekey with some of the headshot that we've seen in the nfl what just happened in the seattle jet.

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