Newman, Food Products, Robert Siegel discussed on World Story of the Day : NPR - Rival Palestinian Groups Hamas, Fatah Reach Deal Over Control Of Gaza


Support for this podcast and the following message come from newman's own foundation workington nourish the common gird by donating all profits from newman's own food products to charitable organisations that seek to make the world a better place more information is available at newman's own foundation dot org and i'm robert siegel with a look at a deal that could end a decade of division and political stalemate within the palestinian leadership the is the most militant group hamas took over the gaza strip ten years ago but the palestinian authority kept control of parts of the west bank and that split has contributed to the miserable conditions in gaza today the two rivals reached a preliminary deal for hamas to hand gaza back to the palestinian authority and then peers daniel estrogen has been following this from jerusalem daniel first tell us what happened today there were marathon talks for two days in cairo and then very early this morning the leaders of the two palestinian groups signed an agreement and according to that agreement the palestinian authority will take control of gaza's border crossings no later than november first and it will assume full governing responsibilities in gaza no later than december first uh and leaders from both sides say this is about palestinian unity and here's what hamas leader sella rory said in arabic new what meanwhile noah he dole our house is one are suffering is one our fate is one our future is one.

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