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Not that people don't love him etcetera etcetera, but the mood around the team or the the ticket buyers when he pits the other night that was you know, that was the lowest crowd of the three early in the season when he would pitch pitch on Monday night. There was nobody there. So I guess my point is go ahead and move. I just don't think the giants approach to this thing is is in line with the pr- the mindset of the bay area. Resident the bear the cutting edge place. People are forward thinking, they're looking ahead. They're not looking behind. They're not looking back, even with all this nostalgia. Not that. They don't appreciate the three titles. Not that. They don't appreciate game seven against the royals. I think it's just that. They I think that they are people want they understand that the team needs to rebuild and they wanna see it exceleron, and it's like get on with it. But here's the thing that was in this article that made me pause one, I didn't know this Madison Bumgarner, according to Mark fine. San has a limited no trade clause. His eight teams that he cannot be traded to and in also in this article, they we don't know who those teenagers one of them. We don't know there's no list of this teams. Or if it is it's it's private list. But the four teams that they speculated would have interest in Bumgarner are Boston. Minnesota the twins believe it or not having a great year Atlanta and the cubs, and you know, just from knowing these teams a little bit. I mean, if you train them to the cubs, you gotta get Ian hap- or need this kid Nico Hainer who's a shortstop and their system. You gotta get one of those two guys if you train them to Atlanta, I think you gotta get their center fielder. This kid Christian Pasha who is hitting well and triple a had a great spring, and you gotta get another arm back from Atlanta. But you gotta get that kid. A if you try to Minnesota they have two guys who are big time players. They've got a kidney Alex, cure lawf- who was a high school kid outta Pittsburgh who was a high pick in two thousand sixteen really good hitter. And then there's a first baseman outfielder who went to Mississippi State named Brent Rooker. You gotta get one of those guys if you send him to Minnesota. And then Boston, I don't know if Boston has enough to get it done to be honest, unless they wanna move somebody on their major league roster, but Michael shaves, and they gotta left Darwin. Tin hernandez. I believe is his name a left. You throws, you know, high nineties, you gotta get something significant for Bumgarner. I realized Gary, you don't know those names, but those guys are significant on. On the verge, you know, legitimate top five type prospects that you can look your fan base in the eye and say, hey, I'm doing the right thing term, you know, believe in me, I'm not an idiot. All right. All right. What did they listen? That's your business there. I I'm more. I'm thinking about this. You know, when you said Chapman. Yeah. But he didn't have you didn't mean to the Yankees or he's been around a little bit. He didn't mean a would Bumgarner means to the giants. I guess in other words if I'm Bumgarner. Hey, you don't wanna sign me long-term yet? You want me to go somewhere else, then come back here. And and do you favor. I don't know. I I don't like that. This would all be done in the name of doing what's best for bomb. Right. I mean, he's awesome October pitcher if you're trading him in the clear message is Madison we're not going to walk Tober. You're in your prime. We want you to do your postseason magic here. Head off to the Anki set off to the Braves why not stay there. Then. Well, you know, maybe he will. But the my point is is when you look at when you look at the, you know, the, you know, the the spectrum of the free agent market. You know, if he came if the giants were willing to pay they're not looking for a bargain. But if they if you know what he's not gonna listen to the giants. Suddenly because they traded him a couple months earlier, the one place the only place has ever known as a pro. He's he's going to not sign back with them because he's insulted that they traded him. I mean, it's possible. But to me, I think the giants are in a spot right now where heck if you've got this creative dealmaker far homes eighty running your ship. Let them make a creative deal. And is there anything more creative than trading and guy and then signing a back. I'm probably selfishly speaking. I'm just trying to put my head around that I'm thinking, hey, you know, I've met this must of the franchise, and you're going to upend my life a little bit for a few months, granted your home. Hopefully, sending me to a good place. But. Garron easy lives in Charlotte, North Carolina's Larry if I really wanna stay as a giant. I don't wanna go anywhere. In other words, I'll go through the tough times air. But if you do move me and expect me to come back just wouldn't be the same. But that's just me. Chris beater Mun covers the forty nine hundred Sacramento bee. Of course, we're here in San Francisco. Larry's down in Santa Clara, one o'clock, the the rookies get on the field for the first time. Chris this is your beat. What do you expect to see? What are you looking for today? I'm going to see how they use Nick Bosa and how it works. He hasn't played since since September. So this'll be the first time really in helmet. They're not going to be in full pads. But I don't wanna see Nick Bosa how he's moving around how he looks. I know the forty Niners say he's helping and he did everything at the scouting combine. And there are no concerns from the forty Niners side of that core muscle injury that required surgery. But yeah, I wanna see how he looks. I wanna see, you know, those Samuel Jalen hurts versatile. New receivers. There's been a lot of talk about how the team's going to use her and he's going to start out as a receiver. Maybe eventually to to an age back or tight end type all depending on, you know, whether or not you games wave a future just sorta how these guys are deployed initially what kind of shape they're and things like that. When you agree that if if both wasn't, you know, ready to go they wouldn't put him on the field. Oh, absolutely. They were taping. Slowly. But there's only the cases are he's he's gotta go Chris. What did you think of the report of the rift between Lynch and Shanahan? I mean Shanahan called it b s and then Lynch said he can I top that it's complete and utter PS that only makes guys like me think that there's something really to it. What what what is your thought on it? Well, I talked to I talked to people on the draft room during the drafting, and they said, you know, they haven't seen anything like that. And that's not to say that, you know, they're they agree on every decision. I think how Shannon, and John Lynch would tell you that they don't agree on everything. And I think that's probably healthy because they're coming up from two completely different viewpoints. You have a former NFL safety. It was the first time executive who's working, you know, who's who's really in this role for the first time. I have a long time offense with coach who doesn't have any NFL as a player so two very different viewpoints, you know, really leading the forty Niners right now. So yeah, they didn't agree on everything. And I think that would be normal. But I I don't I don't sense that there's any sort of unhealthiness with the relationship or or any real dysfunction, but you know, you could see why they might disagree on things or why there might be some tension. I mean Solomon Thomas hasn't panned out yet. The teams keeps bringing in players who have extensive injury history. They gave out a bunch of guaranteed money next year to Quan Alexander whose rehabbing ACL tear, it might be ready for the start of the season. They drafted, you know, two receivers on day two, and yeah, they had a need it receivers that they largely the secondary with the exception of using six round draft pick on Tim Harrison, they'll help you're gonna be a lot of people think he would have been drafted much earlier not for for a couple of injuries in college that you know, let to to redshirt season. So you could see where disagreements might surface, but between those two guys just the way the last two years of gone, and obviously going ten and twenty two is in isn't what the forty Niners want. But I think from what I've seen and from what I've heard talking to people inside the building. No one's really concerned about the relationship and the dynamic between the between cows Shanahan and John Lynch. A couple more minutes with Chris Biedermann bottom. They our Thom Brennaman the voice of the Cincinnati Reds in. Really good guests will join us one more on the Bosa thing because there was so much made of the tweets etcetera, etcetera, take me in your bosses at the Sacramento bee doo, they want you to continue on that on that path to find out. Why tweeted that wise said something or do you think that's rear view mirror stuff at this point? Right now during any new developments, it's rear view mirror stuff. I mean it happened. You know back when he was sixteen and he addressed it. He's addressed it multiple times. Adesina conference. Call us after he was drafted. He addressed it with us at his press conference afternoons drafted he apologized for he took ownership of it. So I don't really, you know, my bosses, and I had this conversation, and we didn't we don't really see any reason to keep diving into it unless something do happen. So I'm sure he's gonna ask gonna get asked about Donald Trump tweeting and he hasn't spoken to any reporters since that happened tweeting him, congratulations. And that's a big story. I guess but no need unless he unless this stuff sort of continues. And there's and he's still doing things on social media that what what raise some eyebrows. I don't plan on asking asking him anymore questions about that. I am curious to to talk to maybe some of his teammates, you know, particularly guys like Richard Sherman people who are, you know, pretty outspoken and socially conscious and things like that how they've unique Bosa and I'm going to try to dig in and see how it could or a wrong impact his standing in the locker room. I joining this team. And I think that there's some substance of that. But in terms of stuff, he's already he's already talked about. I I don't I don't plan on going back into that and re digging that stuff up, but you know, if there are new developments involving him and his teammates. And then I think that's important. And it's and it's you know worth writing about because the dynamic in the locker room is really important, and we know that because we've covered this team and we've seen how important locker room dynamics can be because some of that stuff can translate directly onto the field to wins and losses of for the most part, we're we're, you know, we're we're standing Pat and kind of seeing where it goes. It's an interesting both is interesting on a lot of fronts. I mean, I think he's going to be a significant player for this defense. Grant cone on the podcast this week. We disagreed on on Bosa. He, you know, he thinks that every time the president tweets he's putting an X on Bose's chest. And that it's that he's going to be a marked man and people are gonna go after him. I don't buy that for always a defensive end. He's he's more of an attacker than a than a guy who's a target. If he was a receipt. Lever? Maybe I would agree, but grandparent up an interesting point that that I think I do agree with which is that if you go back and look at his career in Columbus plate of roughly thousand snaps in. If the Niners are going to have him as the three down player, and they are I mean, you don't take a guy second who's not going to be a three down guy. Then he's going to have to play about a thousand snaps this year. The I think it's very fair question to ask if Nick Bosa when you look at his injury history can stay healthy for thousand snaps playing the run on first and second down as a full-time defensive end in the NFL. What what's your to me? That's the big question the locker room dynamic. I think is it's it's a sexy topic. And it's fun to talk about. But I don't I don't see a huge. I don't see huge issue there. Yeah. I mean, I agree with you. I think it's a it's a question that only about those about the entire team you have Jimmy Garoppolo and check McKinnon coming back from. L tears George kit played last year, you know, with a broken ribbon. And you know, he played all sixteen games. But it's rookie season. He dealt with injuries throughout the entire season. You know, Kwan Alexsandr a really expensive free-agent addition. Like, I mentioned is is coming back from an ACL tear. You have D Ford who had back surgery a couple of seasons. Going missing time, you know, tailing her and had multiple shoulder surgeries and reported concussion in college Devaux Samuel had hamstring injuries. At an ankle injury in college. You could you could pretty much go up and down the list. I mean, the roster and point to a number of really important players that are coming off injury issues in the forty Niners. Completely revamped their medical training staff this offseason. So I think that's that's could be the one of the biggest story surrounding the team in twenty nineteen not only with the close. But just how all these other guys are going to be healthwise because if you know, the the forty Niners are in years three of major last reconstruction. It's not like they've had found. Plays for years and years, and they're still trying to piece this thing together, and that's going to be incredibly difficult. If they're if they're roster can't stay healthy. So from deforest Buckner, I think you could you could look at at just about every meaningful player and say, yeah, this guy, you know, could help the forty Niners get on the right track. But he's got to stay healthy answer is thirty seconds. Go ahead. It's Garoppolo does Garoppolo back on the field means six wins to the forty Niners in a playoff spot with ten. Yeah..

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