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In New York. Nice time. Lightening strike good, damn fucking carried it out. I didn't know. Give the our wind out. Sinophile. Outgoing Jiminy Mobis guys. I mean, why waste energy efficiency when I'm taking your guises picks. Why would I convey to the listeners not mine? So, you know, I've got a complete rain out of this weekend and probably most of next week. I heard a nice little fun baseball bedding thing day, or they're like, if you're going to bet baseball, you might as well have a whiskey. Wasn't say here. Thanks zito. Your fucking thunder. Threw me off. I wanted update my puck and futures pick Dominik team. Yeah he is in the semi-finals against the joker. He won. The first set six two is currently three three in the second-set. He makes the finals I could only fucking hedger to all right. So that is NBA MLB, little French Open update. Now, the guy crushes WNBA, but he also is our horse guys. Slow slow your roll, because I e you know. Jesus. Okay. We need more information. Right WNBA, we're on kind of a heater. Yeah. I'm giving you my best bet. Yeah. But why don't we play another game to Tony? Why don't we get greedy fucking gets talking. I mean, I was going to finish with WNBA because that's what all the people stick around for. But if you wanna do it now, let's can do it. He Indiana fever right here in our backyard. Todd made a mockery of last year. Horrible team. They said they're gonna finish almost dead last this year and everybody's laughing at the fever and the Dallas wings on the other side, they're coming to town laugh and not a great team. One of their stars are out. You remember. Schuyler diggings, skyler Diggins Smith. Skyler Smith digging you remember her Notre Dame prayer? Notre Dame great away. Loved her. Okay. People keeps laughing at Indiana fever at home tonight, because I am taking them the cover the four and a half points against the visiting Dallas wings. Indie fever, love you. So I've got a two two games tonight. You can parlay those games make yourself a little extra money. Like a couple of guys did last night. I like the fever, minus the four and a half against a Dallas wings. And of course, the mystics minus the eight and a half against the New York liberty. So just like the mystics game the line actually have it right now is at five and a half. So shop around find the best bet shea backup there from eight and a half to five and saying, you, you said, you had the mix nine and a half, actually nephew said, you had the fever at four and a half. I actually see it at five and a half where I'm looking shop around find the best line. It's it a little gambling tip for you guys. Get it in early. How about that? And for people who have just started listening to show, I've actually got a few questions on, on where we bet. Now since there was a little fall out in where you guys should bet. I mean, if you're in a legal state, go find any, any booking Waigel state, especially if you have an online mobile app, so you could shop around for the best lines using nose or if you're us where our state is legal, but it's not been set up yet. You can go find your best offshore book. So I mean just all just Google best offshore betting site read about it read reviews. See what you like. I'm currently using one, it probably Ryan's with cravat. So something to think about there. We've anything else. Oh, yeah. The Belmont, the fucking Belmont. Gorse. What are we doing here? Well, it's kind of, it's a fun one it because I like backstories and we do love backs and we kinda got brotherly love in this. There you go. This race. I mean two brothers going head to vibe for the, you know, the championship it was called the Belmont, Stakes and other brothers horses or they are horse. Okay. Okay. And they are both the sons the son's happens save time like litter. No, there isn't a litter. When it comes to horses leave, you can only have one. They have different mothers, but they have the same father. Oh. So he was getting around. There's no twins. When it comes to do fuse, how to the mothers feel about this. I don't know. We haven't got word. Hopefully, we'll have something by the end of the show is the mother going to come to the game. So the race. Colors. Oh, okay. So tap is a the father here. Tap, it has won the Belmont in the past grade horse and three of the last five winners of this race are sons of tap it. So he gets around. He spreads his seat around a little bit. So here it is for you, boys. I want you guys to not be afraid to box these bets. Okay, because I've got the four top horses for you. It's up to you guys to find out a winner. I have my personal one. And there's a reason behind it. Here we go. You go. Yeah. Let me explain a box to these. Yes, please. So a trifecta is you have to pick the exact three horses in exact order, rectal order, if you box it all you have to do is correct. All you do is pick the correct top three horses. They can finish first second or third in any order. It doesn't matter. So if you box it, it's kind of like just kind of hedging your bets a little bit of versus the exact which is you had to go one too much back to order, go. So I like intrepid heart to win this Todd Pletcher as won this race before three times. He is the trainer on intrepid heart. Is that trip is kit. Yeah, you can call it that tie Tacitus, who is the morning. Line favourite for this race. He's not gonna win it intrepid Hartill beaten by a no. So tested, a second. I'm going master fencer, the Japanese horse from the derby, great closing speed can't get intrepid heart at the end and also bourbons war. I talked about him earlier this week, bourbons wars there. I'm not putting war of will who is been near has been a fucking disaster. Nobody's raced in both of the first two triple crowns, MRs third. The only horse to do it. So I think he's a little bit gas Todd. That's what I'm saying. So I'm keeping them on the way to a little bit. Don't forget, put on sixty pounds. So I've got intrepid harp. Tacitus bourbons Warren, master fencer, actually intrepid heart Tacitus master fencer, bourbons wars, my super facto. So that's what I'm playing. You guys pick your winter minds intrepid art, but be, don't be afraid to box even if you're exactly even if you're trifecta and win some money with the super fact box with those four orces. My fingers are cross. All right. So you're going heart. Palpitations Tizi boss Nagasaki environments, war perfect. You just combined tennis. What if the tennis players were the jockeys? That'd be awesome. But in the white Iraqi if they play tennis that's called. Paulo paulo. You've seen. You've been Utah replayed polo, once I haven't played I've seen polo. Yeah. I've seen it. I, I could see you out there with your fucking, your white polo. And then you're blue sweater tied around jeans and a t-shirt. Yeah. Sure. Out in LA, dad. It's fun. I tell you what I, I make this joke a lot. But those guys are athlete both of them the horse and the guy on the back. I am a huge mallet on their thing. I am the best at Marco Polo. I win every time I think it would be a good blind person. You hold your breath, long time breath, longtime, I'm hard to find, but I will find you Spidey senses. How long did you have to hold your breath under water? There was a pulled day where you have to, but you're not really underwater. It's more, it's how good you can float with all your gear on. And you gotta be able to float for a long time with the gear. But when I was on the state police dive team, I was very good Audie. My breath. I was I was able to go into like the college pool and go the holy Inc. Without having to come up. That's one into the other nice to jail could make it about twenty feet. Hey, we're on this marine stuff. I do have a question, Tom. When you're in there, did any marines fight each other. I think yeah. I think the answer I think I know the answer. But what would you guys around them do? Would you let them roll and say, hey, finish yourselves fucking land on wage? Let's go really. Oh. Husband bent for a long time. Well, I didn't know if there is actual nose-to-nose combat between the same. I mean just like this team, you gotta fuck in your around each other a lot. You gotta get it out. Broderie buddy like the Steelers, especially. I ask that because my uncle was a paratrooper, and he said that he had to hold his breath for like three or some minutes for test. That's a really fucking longtime. It is a longtime. I've never tried to myself. I'm calling bullshit. Get some marine good. The key is, when you think you're totally out of breath in, you can't survive. Like I've got to come up. You just don't come up. And you get a little second one. If you hold it long enough. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Three last night. Friday's. We have an eighty six percent win rate. I believe is our Friday percentage. Is that correct? I think so Carrie. Yeah. Yeah. Eighty six percent. I used only fucking good. Thanks. Thank you. Thing, the calculator regular. Okay. Oh, it's not a sound bite. You actually have a calculator. All right. Calculation like sound. Found it. Here is our Cup of coffee a day parlay for Friday, June, seventh two thousand nineteen Elena braids modest one and a half run line. The New York Yankees Cleveland Indians over under five that Enron. I put that wrong. It's on me under five. Let me reset that Tokyo reset reset, because I don't wanna fuck in ruin it for everyone because I put in the wrong bet in here and I have to fuck and switch it check..

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