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An accurate reading and second since the number one thermometer recommended by hospitals, doctors and nurses stay safe with ex surgeon Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Alright Thies thermometer might shatter today. It's that cold, All right, a little bit of whether hyperbole but still 18 degrees in Boston 15 degrees in Gloucester. We were seeing this morning right before dawn or around on three degrees out in places like Orange Tonight. It's going to be awfully cold in those same Chile spots. No snow. Not yet. Saturday. Cold, increasing clouds high 28, then a little bit of snow Saturday into Sunday, says Dean DeVore. Here's more Today's dry and cold sun shines some clouds mixing in this afternoon. Mid twenties. Single digits in teens for lows tonight Upper twenties Is it clouds up tomorrow? Be ready for some icy spots and travel tomorrow night into the first part of Sunday for the city and inland spots stay little icy longer. Coastal areas. South Coast, keeping the island's probably go over to some rain and some sleet mixed in on Sunday during the day and then some rain or sleet. Snow showers on Monday some storminess some Tuesday is that winter parade of storms continues. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Tina Board WBZ Boston's news radio. Blue skies 18 degrees in Boston and peanut allergies are typically considered a problem for kids. But now there's new research showing that many adults are developing the potentially life. Threatening allergy Nancy Chen with more a new study from Northwestern Medicine shows at least 4.5 million adults suffer from peanut allergies, with one in six developing this serious allergy after turning 18. This was actually really surprising for us that adults are developing more at finality, study author Dr Ruchi Gupta says it could have to do with microorganisms. Make up the microbiome of the gut, as well as infections that alter the immune system and hormonal changes. The study also found that only 60% of adults who develop a peanut allergy are properly diagnose. Patients who develop the allergy when they're older, are also less likely to carry that epi pen. Speaking of peanuts, the big man himself, Mr Peanut is on the move. Pittsburgh based Planters announced.

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