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By drug addiction already know how difficult this problem is to solve in many cases. Addicts have tried multiple twenty eight day or twelve step programs that did not work Narconon freedom center believes that addiction is neither inherited Noren incurable disease that requires indefinite treatment or medication for the rest of a person's life Narcan freedom centers, drug addiction program consists of unique techniques to assist addicts to overcome drug and alcohol dependencies and the damaging effects to an addict's life. This is done naturally. And there is no substitution drug to handle one. Drug addiction by inheriting. Another Narconon freedom centers goal is for each individual to achieve and maintain. Long-term success any family member or loved one of an addict, please do not hesitate to call on freedom center at five one seven six two nine six seven four nine and reach out for help. That's five one seven six two nine sixty seven forty nine. We are in this battle together. And as a team. We can fix the problem of addiction Steve Gruber. Nobody cares. Whether it's called a wall or a fence general consensus among Democrats Republicans and independent border security matters only, the most radical among us would have you believe that somehow nationalism is a bad thing believing in your country and defending your home team being a home or being county. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with supporting the home team, which is what you're doing by being a nationalist day. It's been perverted into something that it is not Steve Gruber, weekdays six to nine on WAM. Call me now seven three four eight to two sixteen hundred. Welcome back. Dear friends. There were next year. Strong black. My coffee, black privilege, deeply, so I love. On thursdays. Only with Thursday's a big. They should do it every week. I I like that stuff. That's I would argue the only thing Rwanda has going for it. I'm I'm supporting them. I'm hoping that they can bust out of wherever corrupt government situation. They have every crappy country in Africa has a corrupt political system every single one. So do my to support them out the money at some point trickles down some people. I'm drinking Rwandan coffee on Thursdays. We'll get back into this this hijack of our rights through the free market system. The credit card company and people were buying things with your credit card. We're making money on you're making money every time they buy some every purchase..

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