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In mid air are they stealing the joy out of all instagram jumping pictures been done so she's been done number six lying in your bed pretending you just woke up that way how'd you take the picture and full of makeup on if that's last night's make a bit as not usually look like number seven any photo making heart shapes with your hands people are annoyed by that pictures of people shot callers on the day like that stick for instagram right now let's put on the shock collar designed for the shock collar question of the day young jeffery has come in studio with a hat full names withdraw name out of that to see who will put on the shock collar this morning there s a trivia question if they get it right they don't get shocked jeff does because he asked a terrible question if they get it wrong they get shocked to the song that you want us to sing text in at seventy eight five nine two what song do you want to hear from the person who gets shocked today brooke is drawing a name out of the hat because she had the shock collar last who'd you get jubilo who yeah that's what i'm known for selfish all right i'm putting on the shock collar while i do that jeff please read me the shock collar question of the day every year the travel website tripadvisor analyzes millions of reviews and ratings for hotels restaurants in attractions that have been collected from the past year and based on that data they find the top tourist destinations in the world which got the highest reviews according to this year's rankings some of the cities that made the top five included paris france london england rome italy crete's in greece but only one city in the top five was not located in europe named the country that it's in the country so it must be hard given us because my i would be like new york could be the us or australia so i was thinking australia because i've seen on tana travel blogs at sydney's the place to be right now and selena gomez was just there i want to say because it's like one place i've always wanted to go but i haven't been in the.

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