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Call Elkin Elk at 1 800 Elk, Ohio, So you have erectile dysfunction, and you ordered some pills, and it sort of solved the problem. I mean, it's not like it was when you were younger. But that's not realistic anymore, or is it don't be satisfied with mediocre. Sometimes aural meds. Just work. Okay, But aren't that great? Maybe you don't even notice anymore. It's become your new normal, a not great performance that leaves everyone unsatisfied. Here's the bottom line. If you suffer from Eddie and you have not gotten a comprehensive, medically directed consultation from the specialists at the Columbus Men's Clinic, then you're likely missing out the people there have many treatments that could lead to better results. Better results than what you're getting right now. Many of the patients at the Columbus Men's Clinic report improvements in quality and performance. So if it's not like it was in your younger years, maybe it could be called for an appointment to find out 614300 7400 or go to Columbus. Men's clinic dot com. Contact your doctor for direction Last more than four hours visit our website to learn Mohr, including side effects treatments, extra results. Very news, Traffic, Weather Sports and the mark Blazer show on 6 10 W tvn. Alright standby because it's a replay from earlier but Jack Windsor from Wftv TV joined me. You know he does different, he said. The governor's pressers every time there is one. And so he joined us earlier in the show and man, it's just so good. The guy's got so much information. He's just really good. So he's going to join me here momentarily. So stand by your ABC six. First warning, Weather and forecaster Caroline Cohen joining us now and man, it is raining sideways here at the radio station, Carolina just Out of nowhere. Just woo sh. I hope this is happening on my lawn in Delaware is all I can hope for. I know. Write.

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