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Alexa or in the W T o p app. It's 7 28 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Let's go to marry to Papa who's in the Wtlv Traffic Center. All right. Thank you, John. We're gonna start out if you're leaving the district B A D. C to 95 heads up. We have a crash that is being reported or isn't our camera shot? Actually Excuse me, But if you're heading north, you're gonna hit the brakes somewhere near Burrows Avenue. And then passing Eastern Avenue in a single right lane. We have word we're waiting on one more toe truck to completely remove everything. So ah, break check briefed. Lay that becomes your breakaway point. Nothing on to 95 in the South bound direction and beyond here onto the Baltimore Washington Parkway, all running well. While we're inside of the Beltway will tell you of a new crash being reported in Maryland in Hillcrest Heights on Super Road Westbound near Arnold Road Watch War police direction now onto 95 in Maryland, between the capital Beltway in the Baltimore Beltway. You are at speed. The work zone was north bound 95 after Route 100 exit 43. State Highway says they are still blocking two left lanes, although there are no delays showing and we cannot see any work in our camera, but just be advised there said to be out there. We're checking on the Beltway. Also work sewn on the inner loop. All in Maryland, Prince George's County Interlude Passing joint base, Andrews Allentown Road, Exit nine. Right lane blocked around the curve near the author. Road overpass. No big delays give him an extra lane as well for safety. We'll cross the Potomac checking into Virginia, where interstate travel is pretty light right now. 95 from Fredericksburg, all the way up through the 3 95 14th Street Bridge. Nothing. We do have an event in Vienna as per usual that Vienna central Bar market will be along Bueller Road between 1 23 and John Marshall Drive at the Church of the Holy Comforter. They will be stopping traffic. They make deliveries to vehicles during the covert crisis. And you can tell us what you're seeing on your commute called the W T o p traffic centered 866304 w T o p married Pompa w T o p traffic storm team for meteorologists Lauren Rickets. It looks like that storm system that we were watching for Thursday's completely fizzled out. So we've got a pretty quiet week ahead and today's.

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