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Hello and welcome to ride the omnibus. I'm your host aerial baske- and today we are at south by southwest talking with documentary filmmaker. Garrett's evita's and healer activists. Vivian anderson about the film spring valley and very excited to be able to talk to you about this documentary. Because i really loved it really truly. It was my favorite documentary of south by southwest. Wow area that means so much to us because you know for for so long. You're doing this in. We're in the weeds doing it in phnom for four years so you just hope that someone will our response at the end like you. Well we'll tell. I have a very personal response to this film and as we go through my questions i just want to warn you. I will probably talk a little bit about my own personal experience. I some aspects of speakers. I happen to have a couple of things in common with some different parts of this story. I was a classroom teacher for sixteen years. And i have had various incidents where i had to defend students against school resource officer. Wow different ways usually related to hardee's more than anything. But how do you describe this spring valley incident in a log line. Have you've been asked to do this for other interviews. I'm just curious..

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